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How is it remotely possible to see builds of 4.2 already? 4.0 hasn't even been announced yet, and with a likely release in june or july (but possibly sooner as per the rumors go, and there havent been any new iPhone OS beta builds lately) , wouldn't that leave 4.2 somewhere in late 2010 or even 2011?
I also recall reading this article, just don't remember where I saw it. Possibly digg, not sure.. I doubt it was on AI.
Just shows Apples attention to the user experience, they want it so streamlined and fluid. The rumored tablet is lookin to knock us on our ass again, deja vu back to 07.
Yep. Particularly unibody.
just as I suspected
No it's not. It's like going to appleinsider to review apple products and the competition. This isn't Apple.com, which if THEY were advertising something to do with a Nexus One, I would see unfit, and your example would then make sense.
I think its a given, I had always assumed it would be aluminum. I just don't see it being any other material given apples recent direction.
Teckstud! is that you?
you are insane..
Sounds very interesting, quite the experience.
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