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That is ok. No one really believes JD Power - they are paid to promote products.
This is really stupid. The problems with Obamacare while silly will get fixed. Lets move on.
I hope there is no veto on this issue. Mr. Obama has a lot more to worry about than a third rate copycat.
And why is that surprising? After all Samsung has copied everything from Apple so the fact that they did not do it before Apple is not at all a surprise.
Excellent. Not enough to hurt Google (any one still believe that Motorola exists?) but enough to spank them for bad behavior. Kids need to learn that.
The iWatch was Apple's way to making the idiots at Samsung spend their time and money and they took the bait. No that the world ha seen the ugly version, Apple will come out with the gold standard for a watch. :-)
While many of us love and admire and almost worship Steve Jobs not all people do it. Most of friends who have gobs of Apple stuff have no intentions of seeing the movie. They are no technology folks and don't care about Steve Jobs (the horror of it!!!!). I think that Steve Jobs admirers and worshippers will find this move great while others will say it stinks. To each his own. While the movie will not do well at the box office I bet, good or bad, it will be part of...
The Android numbers are bogus - they are made up of multiple vendors - not one vendor and multiple models not one model. The comparison is like comparing Apples to Oranges.
I am really sick of these freaking "cloud" based companies that do a horrible job of managing our security and data. OK, I get it, they are mostly free and you get what you pay for (but you DO pay by getting to watch crappy ads). It is however getting ridiculous. The problem of course is pretty bad with the startups and will only get worse as more 17 year olds try and start companies. What surprises me is that there is no consequence for these companies. The public...
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