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Oh Boy another SCO in the making. What is it with Microsoft. They are so freaking crazy stupid idiotic morons.
I agree. MS may be down right now but not out. They have the money to buy the market. It would not surprise me if MS offered users money to switch to WP7 - hey turn in your Google or Apple phone and we will replace it with a WP7 phone and give you a break on the monthly charges - and that could cost a lot of money but then MS has a lot of money. MS will have a hard time convincing many handset manufacturers to use WP7 with offering them huge incentives. Many have...
Here is a link to the article about how Google screwed consumers. Read and Weep.http://www.zdnet.com/blog/btl/the-di...60?tag=nl.e550
Open platform - depends on your defination of open. According to every manufacturer (other than Apple of course) MS and Google are open because they run on their hardware. So by that defination Apple is closed. THANK GOD for that. But speaking of Google's openness. One should read TechRepublic's article on this. Google may be "open" but Google has put the consumer movement behind by years. When Apple iphone was first available on AT&T, Apple convinced AT&T not to...
Exactly. He has no choice as he watches the LG tablet crash and burn.
I assume that those who have jailbroken 3G phones will not be able to upgrade until a new way to jail break is discovered? Any news or comments on that.
Exactly. Plus I don't want to carry a eReader, a browser blah blah multiple devices. That is why I would rather buy the iPad than Amazon's eReader. Plus Amazon as a high-tech company - no thank you.
Having been the victim of many Dell devices, all I can say is that this whole this is boring. Dell is very good at producing very boring products - nothing they produce excites anyone or anything anywhere. Even Michael Dell was not excited. All he could say was it is not going to affect Dell's bottom line. I bet you a $ that they never upgrade this thing to Android 2.2 and it will be technically impossible to upgrade it to 3.0 thus making it a product that some will...
The only reason MS made any profit is because it takes time to replace all the crap that y sold over the past 25 years to be replaced. Sooner or later and I am hoping sooner MS will be sent to its rightful place. The Garbage Dump. As far as Tablets are concerned Blamer should only be concerned about the ones he is going to swallow. JS
Was Consumers Report not recommending Toyota right before all the issues came to light? Forget them - they did a poor job of managing the iPhone4 test.
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