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I think it is too late for MS to really succeed in the smartphone market. But them MS has a lot of money and little brains. Who knows.
Hum! In competition to iPhone5? Did someone tell these folks that iPhone5 is almost a year old and soon going to be replaced by a newer version? A lot late and lot lot less.
Problem with Wall Street is that they are disappointed no matter what. The stupid analysts (see the word anal in there) are basically that - stupid. I personally see no reason for Google to be at the price it is and for Apple to fall $300 in the last 6 months. If Apple releases new products they are dissatisfied it it is does not they are disappointed. I say screw them.
Finally! Now Samsung is going to have to send in spies all over the place to steal Apple's designs.
If we cannot trust Google can we trust Microsoft? probably not - if there is a buck to be made by selling something then every company is going to look for a way to make money - Google, MS, Apple, HP, IBM and Dell. They don't care about you and me they care about the bonus the CEO and his lackey's get. Screw you consumer.
Yup he is correct. It is outdated for him. For me, it works just fine. I am not interested in interfaces that are complex and require me to think about how to make a call or do something. So thanks for your insight. We Apple fanboi's appreciate your thoughts and ask you to go bankrupt quickly.
Interesting - will continue to try until they find a winning formula - Seems MS has more money than brains. Unfortunately Windows 8 is nothing but Windows with a layer of tiles on top making it difficult to use, and with problems similar to Vista. MS has some fantastic applications that could make them a bundle if they released these on Mac, Windows and Linux. They should separate their applications business from the OS business.
I am really really surprised that Steve Jobs trusted Samsung. Asian companies have over the years demonstrated a remarkable lack of ethics and ability to be truthful. But given the fact is that as we have outsourced our manufacturing to Asian countries, to cut costs we have not only lost all our ability to develop and innovate new products but also to rebuild old products. Even if Apple wanted to manufacture the iPhone in the US it could not - we just cannot do it. That...
We are back above Exxon at least for the moment. Hopefully with the news that iMac production problems are being resolved we should see Wall Street get its head out its ass and value the stock correctly.
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