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Ironically, if apple were to give away that software, it would mean that I would have to pay for it. Right now I don't have to pay for iWork because I don't use iWork. All giving away the software does is spread the cost across all customers rather than just the customers that use the software. Well that and also raising the price of product bundle.
So what's the deal with the clock speed compared to the iPad2? Some publications are claiming it is unchanged while this article says it was bumped from .851 to 1 Ghz. EDIT: The two charts disagree with eachother. My theory is that one of the charts is wrong as well as the article text that indicates a clock speed increase. Wasn't the iPad2 also 1Ghz?
Note that telling someone they're wrong while mischaracterizing their position and then asking them not to reply, is not terribly logical. If you don't want to engage someone in conversation, it is better to ignore them than tell them they're wrong. The point in regard to perceived video quality isn't that "nobody can have an opinion" as you said, but rather that everyone has an opinion and that they are all valid.
There will be some people who say they can tell a difference and some people who say they can't tell a difference. The question is, which type of person you? The only way to know is to see the comparison yourself.
I agree that the naming is not perfect. But it isn't like Joe Schmoe thinks they're going to Africa every time they click on the Safari icon. Seriously. This is a pendantic geek issue and not a usability issue. After the first few minutes of use, most people won't even read those labels. Instead their brain will subconsciously use the directional buttons to highlight the appropriately colored rectangle in the location on the screen they are used to seeing it. With that...
Apps for a TV screen and limited infra-red remote would have to be drastically different. If apple were to allow apps on the AppleTV, they would have to invest a lot of time and money into doing it right. To do otherwise could easily ruin the iOS ecosystem.
What you're missing is that not everyone shares your perception. To a large percentage of people, streamed 1080p is "almost as good" and blu-ray is not "clearly better". Note that this isn't asserting that this is true for you or true for everyone. Rather, it is merely acknowledging that people have different perceptions of quality. Now for a an analogy. I am a beer snob and can tell the difference between Ruination IPA and Triple Hopped Miller Lite. To me the Ruination is...
Yeah, the entire headline is worthless without saying what "better" means. To me, "better" means short lines. To APPL investors, "better" means long lines.
This is exactly my story as well. I've got a collection of hundreds of DVDs and a blu-ray collection just 1/100 of that size. I prefer the quality of blu-ray but convenience has trumped quality. Apparently for me, "good enough" has been achieved.
Interesting, the iPads were apparently stockpiled in Middletown PA. I also live in Pennsylvania but fedex indicates that the iPad left PA to go to IN and then get shipped back to PA. Mar 9, 2012 10:24 AM Picked up MIDDLETOWN, PA Future delivery requested Mar 9, 2012 10:51 AM Shipment information sent to FedEx Mar 14, 2012 8:01 PM Left FedEx origin facility HARRISBURG, PA Mar 15, 2012 5:47 AM Arrived at FedEx location INDIANAPOLIS, IN
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