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Not pessimistic at all. In fact that 180 to 190% is what I was getting at. If the performance did indeed double, it could suggest a minor bump in clock speed. We really won't know either way until people get their hands on them next week. Apple's graph wasn't intended for such precise analysis. I brought this up in response to speculation that the clock speed had remained the same.Edit:Oops, just saw the later part of your post I didn't quote was pertinent. Indeed it will...
Point being though, for most tasks there normally isn't a full doubling of performance associated with a doubling of cores. This discussion started with speculation if clock speed had remained constant or if we could infer that by a graph loosely depicting a doubling of performance. Personally, I don't think there is enough evidence yet to make a declaration either way.
This is an interesting topic but your manner of response makes me not want to engage in discussing it.
Is evidence to illustrate that assertion about an exact doubling of performance with a doubling of cores. Even when hardware has very efficient scheduling, there is still overhead and software considerations.
Sounds like you prefer high resolution over greater frame rate. Note that some people prefer sports broadcast at 720p (60 fps). Though if we're talking about movies and TV shows, 1080 does seem preferable. Frequently these are shot and mastered at 24p so the 720p60 standard offers nothing over 1080(i or p).
1080p does not have greater definition than 1080i. 1080p has more frame coherency but less temporal accuracy. On top of that, normally 1080p refers to 24 fps while 1080i is roughly equivalent to 30 fps.More importantly though, with video captured originally as 1080i, distributing as 1080p allows the deinterlacing to be done on expensive hardware with carefully managed settings. With that said, I'm surprised that BBT is shot digitally on 1080i. My guess would have been that...
We should probably still wait for real confirmation of the clock rate. Doubling of cores rarely translates into doubling of actual performance. If anything, an exact doubling of performance suggests a slight bump in clock speed.
Agreed, AirPlay changes everything in regard to interacting with a tv. The whole concept of channel (library/content) surfing is being redefined. If apple would add the functionality found in xbmc, then there would be very little justification for an atv app store at all. That's the most glaring hole right now, the inability to play any video file from anywhere on the home network. This doesn't necessitate much if any UI changes but rather just codec support and the...
Column options and categories? Could you explain? I don't see any column options or categorization. Also, has there been a change to how multiple macs are handled? My understanding is that there isn't a change.
Fast task switching for one. The ability to cache graphic laden web pages. Even trivial video editing can benefit from lots of ram. Gaming. Etc. With that said, i think apple has made excellent decisions regarding the trade offs associated with spec-ing mobile devices While perhaps not perfect, the end result has been superior to any other approach the entire rest of the industry has tried.
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