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Good news. You don't have to buy or use one.
When the pain of using Microsoft Vista became too much for me I switched to Mac. So to all those who are fussing about all the problems with Apple products you can always switch to a PC. I am sure that out of the dozens of people making mice for PC's someone is doing it right.
You mean the justice system that prosecuted zero CEO's or high level executives for the financial meltdown in 2008, where trillions of dollars were stolen from the economy. The justice dept. that levied fines against these same companies that amounted to single digit percentages of their profits. The same government that when faced with not bailing out the big banks complied because they knew that not doing so would completly destroy the economy. The same justice dept....
Maybe Obama just wants to avoid the embarrassment of when they all tell him to FO. After all who owns who and who tells who what to do. Let's not kid ourselves.
Yes, because we know that all tech and media companies have the best interest of the artist first and foremost. We all know that artists never suffered prior to digital streaming music. They were well paid back then. Right, Just another idiot trying to rewrite history.
Correct me if I am wrong. One bridge for my Hue lights, another bridege for door locks, another bridge for controlling appliances or HVAC. And so on. I was under the impression Apple was going to make the next Apple TV a universal hub and allow all mfg.'s use API's so that iOS devices could be used to control all these differet devices. I have no interest if there is not a single control device. As one commentor pointed out. Maybe it is easier to get up and walk a few...
War is not the issue. Mankind has been around for a mere fraction of the time the planet has existed, only 6 million years, modern man 200,000 years and been civilized for 6,000. The dinosaurs were around 135 million. However the dinosaurs were not doing anything to destroy the envionment they depended on.  There are more effective and efficient ways for mankind to snuff itself out, then war. 
That is true if you see war as the threat to human existence. War is not the threat.
Well then, fortunately, at the rate we are going we won't be around much longer. Problems often work themselves out.
Waiting for the first Apple commercial that shows how an iPhone is used to fight terrorism.
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