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I wonder if this will be announced at Monday's event.
Cheaper and faster service. There is no catch here, is there. They just want to do all of us a great big favor.
Which takes me back to my orginal position prior to the formal announcment of the watch. How do you call this thing a watch? Watch is a grossly inadequate description.
I find it amusing that people stopped wearing watches because they had a phone in their pocket and that the company that sold us millions of smart phones is now going to replace that watch that we stopped wearing because of the phone that they sold us. It's shiny, I want it.
Do these vehicles have the Apple logo on the doors. How do we know they are being operated by or for Apple?
Can we envision one day having all channels over the Internet. Free with ads or pay for a no ad feed? I bet not in my lifetime.
Now this is just getting stupid. I  have to have a cable or SAT subscription to watch NBC on my iOS device, where I can then AirPlay it to my TV rather that just watching NBC via OnDemand with Comcast. At least HBOGO and Showtime Anytime made some sense as they are pay extra channels, but a network that is available over the air for free. WTF!
It would all be paid for via your Apple ID.
Why doesn't Apple just buy Netflix and Hulu. That gets them immediate access to the content, unless there are exit clauses in the contracts with the content providers if sold.
New Posts  All Forums: