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War is not the issue. Mankind has been around for a mere fraction of the time the planet has existed, only 6 million years, modern man 200,000 years and been civilized for 6,000. The dinosaurs were around 135 million. However the dinosaurs were not doing anything to destroy the envionment they depended on.  There are more effective and efficient ways for mankind to snuff itself out, then war. 
That is true if you see war as the threat to human existence. War is not the threat.
Well then, fortunately, at the rate we are going we won't be around much longer. Problems often work themselves out.
Waiting for the first Apple commercial that shows how an iPhone is used to fight terrorism.
Quote: Originally Posted by sog35    Goodbye audio jack on iPhone.   All this is pointing to a foldable iPhone in the future.   Thats why Apple is constantly trying to make their phones thinner.   You mean the new iFlipPhone
Another reason to not buy a Fire device or have Prime. Not that I needed one.
Good now that this is out of the way the rumors for the iPhone 7 can start.
I recently rented a Toyota Corolla LE. I think the LE stands for low end. In any event it handled my iPhone and iPad perfectly. Bluetooth audio connected everytime. I was able to manage the play selection on the 7" screen just fine. Comprehensive information on each song on screen. GPS driving instructions from Siri came though the audio system. The only thing I missed from my own car was the map with visual directions on the screen.
So what's up with the podcasting app no longer doing full screen in video? It is like 50% white space on the top and bottom and maybe about 20% black on the left and right of the picture. Way more room allocated to controls than needed.
At this point in time I don't think it matters at all why he left.
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