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Good news. You don't have to buy one. You don't have to pay any attention at all to what Apple is doing or not doing. The grief you experience is your own doing, not Apples.
What we need here is the NDA. National Drones Association.
Nice gesture on Apple's part to supply inventory to BB for people like me that live 100 miles from the nearest Apple Store. I am a little surprised they would ship a constrained item to anyone besides themselves. However I just checked and the closest BB with inventory is in a city with an Apple store. Go figure.
Just out of curiosity. What would one do on an Apple TV with a keyboard? Maybe to make searches easier on gen 3, but that was accomplished with the Remote App. When setting up my new ATV I only used the primitive on screen keyboard to enter logins and passwords. Since then I use Siri to do searches. Apple has consistently removed features from products over the years that when all the dust settles no one has died. Floppy disks, optical drives, ports of many types to name a...
Why didn't they just search their backpacks as they left. Apple is set up and is good at doing that. The U.S. courts have already shown that searching peoples bags or backpacks before they leave is acceptable in fact you can make them do it on their own time. I bet a judge would say if you as  a customer want to bring a bag or backpack into the store you will have to submit to a search as you leave. This universal approach would prevent singling any one person or persons...
Unfortunately with Apple being a publicly traded stock there is not much they can do about the situation. If they were private they could just pull out of the UK and be done with it. However they have to answer to stockholders that get whiny and cranky when Apple falls short of some bozo analysts predictions for how many iPhones they are going to sell.Even suggesting that they pull out of the UK would crash the stock price. In the end, again, money will decide what...
What does his administrative assistant travel with?
So does this mean I can watch Monday Night Football live on my TV using Airplay from my iPad? If not, than this is just more of the same old thinking of a business model that I have no interest in.
How do these guys get a return on their investment to get the 1 mil. back?
Why would I want this? What content capability does it provide that I cannot duplicate through the Apple ecosystem?
New Posts  All Forums: