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My thought was, if my receiver is too old to support CEC what was I going to do. Your original link to the How to Geek article talked about CEC. I do not want to control my Apple TV with my Harmony One. While I do that now, it won't do Siri. If I can control the volume on my receiver with the Apple remote than I will have what I am looking for. I was just wondering how that worked. 
Just the question I was asking. Thanks for this Tip.
This sounds iffy, I  shall see next week. I currently have a Harmony One that until now could replace all my other remotes functions.  
Fourth picture. The connection just above the HDMI connection.
I just chatted with Apple sales and confirmed the volume buttons on the remote control your TV volume. What they could not tell me is how you program or teach it to operate your TV, or in my case a receiver. They also confirmed that there is no way to mute the audio with the AR. That seems to be a bad design by Apple to make you have to put down the AR to pick up another remote to mute the audio. I would think it could be programmed such that a quick double click of the...
So does this bluetooth speaker have the same problem or feature of other speakers I have tried, that when paired with an iOS device, Siri can no longer be used on that device. I ask her a question and she gives me a list of things that I can ask. I must be missing something here.
    Dear Mr. Cook, Please add 4K to the ATV as fast as human possibly. There are many who are extremely stressed that this feature is missing. They cannot accept it's absence and are unable to move forward. Every article or mention of the new ATV gets their hopes up, to again be dashed. Thank you for your consideration
Purchased mine from Apple to say screw you to Best Buy.
Not specifically technical but how about an iPhone costs at least $500 more.
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