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Strangest thing. Last time I was at Wal-mart everyone walking around the store or checking out had a $200 pair of sneakers in their basket. Weird.
As many have pointed out that access to the Internet has become a necessity. The actual cost to each tax paying American is miniscule and not really worth complaining about. I am always amused how people use things like this to point out the failings of the government or a particular political party or politician. To point out a real economic problem, a couple of years ago I had major surgery and just the hospital bill for 5 days was $198,000. Who would have thought 5 days...
If the Apple TV is going to be the hub for HomeKit it seems that it would only make sense to allow it to send music to multiple bluetooth or WiFi speakers. This really sounds,technologically wise, a very easy thing to do. My thought is there must be some kind of content rights issues.
It would be cheaper just to buy off people.
So why are satellite companies merging with cell phone companies? Are we ultimately going to get rid of the Comcast's of the world by moving to LTE for internet and TV? Not sure that is viable for everyone. I get mediocre cell service where I live, regardless of what carrier.
When I called Comcast to cancel HBO they said it would take $5 off my bill. I bet when I call to cancel Showtime I am sure they are going to tell me the same $5 off. Sure was not the quoted price was when I added them. Maybe just for grins about a week after I cancel Showtime I will call back to see what it will cost to add them back. I am going to guess it will be more than $10. It is starting to get fun now. Summer is a bad time for the cable companies to have to defend...
I don't get this hub concept. Would it not make more sense to make the Apple TV the hub and use software to control all the devices from there? Unless having a separate hub means your system is proprietary and you cannot mix and match devices. Therefore making more money at the expense of limiting the possibilities. Capitalism at it's best.
It would appear that as long as we buy the product that they want to sell us we won't get the product we want. I was planning on cutting the cord with the release of the new service. I am done waiting. If they won't sell me what I want then I am going to go ahead and cut the cord anyway. I spent the last week not watching anything on cable and did just fine. I am sure we can live longer without watching cable then they can live without revenue. It is summer rerun time,...
I used to have Charter. I did not like them much in the beginning. But as time went by it got better. I had to move and now I have Comcast and I long for the time when I had Charter.Things could be worse.
Well as long as the update doesn't cause your heart to skip, I guess we will be OK. 
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