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Good now that this is out of the way the rumors for the iPhone 7 can start.
I recently rented a Toyota Corolla LE. I think the LE stands for low end. In any event it handled my iPhone and iPad perfectly. Bluetooth audio connected everytime. I was able to manage the play selection on the 7" screen just fine. Comprehensive information on each song on screen. GPS driving instructions from Siri came though the audio system. The only thing I missed from my own car was the map with visual directions on the screen.
So what's up with the podcasting app no longer doing full screen in video? It is like 50% white space on the top and bottom and maybe about 20% black on the left and right of the picture. Way more room allocated to controls than needed.
At this point in time I don't think it matters at all why he left.
Let me see if I understand this. A company, Blackberry in the case, is slowly going out of business. They find a company that has a technology that can conceivably help them, so they buy it with some remaining assets that are left. This of course will also run up the share price of both companies, benefiting the stock holders who will approve the sale.A small number of people from Good, take the $425m in this case and ride off into the sunset. The excutive management of...
I'll admit I am not a financial guy, but how does a company that has a market cap of 3.85B down ~ 8% in the last year spend $425M on this? 
For a third generation product that has been almost 3 years since the last, this is not much of a improvement. It does not solve any of the many reported shortcomings of the last genereation reported by users. It does appear to be better equiped to track you as you walk around, and in exchange for this you get to know what time it is. Google at Googles best.
While what you say may well be true. However unless T-Mobile has to install additional equipment to be able to handle what these 3000 individuals are doing, there is no additional cost to T-Mobile. If they lose customers because of one or more of these individuals is sucking up so much bandwidth that it makes the experience of others unacceptable then that sounds more like a technology problem. How would it be different if they were legitimately using a paying for this...
Think about it. They build a data center that has a bandwidth capacity of some amount, in theory for more data than will be requested. When you exceed your "unlimited amount" a software adjustment is made to throttle your bandwidth. You are still using the same amount it is just being slowed down. I would hazard to say that networking equipment that has then ability to dial in specific bandwidth based on each individual phone number costs a lot more than equipment that...
How much does a terabyte of data really cost a cellular company?
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