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That would not demonstrate anything. Tell me one significant thing that was announced at Apple's last event that was not speculated on AppleInsider..Fingerprint reader, nopeCheaper plastic iPhone, nope.iPad mini with retina display, nope
I am longing for the good old days. Back when you had to wait until Apple made their announcments to find out what was coming. It seems like for about the last few announcments, nothing beyond what the rumor and speculation mill turned out was announced. No surprises. Boring!
Maybe the strategy is to begin to show new content on these channels that are not saddled with the old broadcast agreements. A new show is bought by A&E and they stream it instead of just going through the cable companies.
The VOD model that offers full seasons of all shows is clearly the better model. All the more reason to replace the cable/sat model. Let me pay for only whatI watch. That model might also get people to watch less TV, since no one will pay for 80% of what is offered. That being crap. Free has it's costs to.
This is so tyoical of people. If you want Yahoo to be your default then change the setting. Can we do anything for ourselves, or do we just want the government or some corporation to look out for our interests.
Who cares?
What I want to know is how many people have signed up for a 365 account and how many keep it after the 30 day free trial. I downloaded Excel out of curiosity. This App took a very long time to download and install which makes me wary of performance. I know Office on my Mac is the most sluggish software I have. I suspect that most downloads are out of curiosity only, I don't see any software worth a perpetual $9.95/mo. If I am wrong than Microsoft will be asking themselves,...
With Xfinity X1, ATV, Roku, and Chromecast I have all the hardware I will ever need. I still do not have the content I want the way I want it. The subscription model is only slightly better than the sat/cable model. Until I can download an app for each channel I want to watch and pay on a per view basis, none of this really interests me. As more reality shows continue to consume more and more broadcast hours, the less and less I want any of the content offered. In their...
When I say knock off I mean intent to copy exactly. A fake iPhone, not a similar design like a Samsung. Where do you draw the line. Only the first car can have four wheels?
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