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So I just checked my iPad which I have been using now for 2 1/2 yaers now. It has 32GB of memory. Even after all this time I still have over 16GB available. Maybe I should sue because Apple sold me more memory than I need.
A lawsuit makes a claim for damages. How are these people damaged. They can't carry as many songs, photos or videos around with them? How would you compensate for this. You could give these two a new iPhone with 64GB of storage to drop the suit. i don't really see any real damage here. Maybe they could pay for these two to take a math class.
Yet, people may wonder why America is divided. For a county of such privilege, we are a unhappy and hateful bunch.
With 20 billion in annual sales, 15mil for phones is nothing.
[quote name="Tallest Skil" url="/t/183748/mark-zuckerberg-calls-apple-ceo-tim-cooks-view-on-ad-supported-business-ridiculous/80#post_2648458 To clarify for those who think otherwise, we’re not saying this is okay."] By using Facebook it doesn't matter if you are saying it is not OK. If you are using the product they don't care what you think.
This is even beyond being a first world problem. Picture in the doctionary for the definition of inconvienience shows a picture of this person and his horrific problem. This is so ludicrous that I can't even understand what he is talking about. Next he will be complaining that he has to actually touch his iPad to use it.
If what Zuckerberg and Facebook do is so offensive, why are there 800+ million users everyday? Never been on Facebook and never will.  I am always curious as to why 10 years ago no one had Facebook and survived just fine, but now somehow we can't live without. We will tolerate any abuse and misuse for the most trivial of reasons.
You don't have to. You won't die if you don't.
Another grand revelation
I see a new reality game show here. Have contestants listen to politicians talk and then they have to guess which politician has received more bribe money from lobbyists than the others. Maybe this way we can educate Americans as to who and what their politicians are doing.
New Posts  All Forums: