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The CEO calls the store "experimental". Now that's real leadership. Maybe this will work, maybe? It is what makes Apple so sucessful, right?
In a world where capitalistic consumption is the engine that makes things run one thing is clear. An excessive amount of choice is required to fuel this engine. Just like the 27 kinds of ketchup you can find in the grocery store, it "of course" make sense to have tablets come an excessive number of choices. Bigger, better, faster is the mantra. In this case it is smaller.
So how is that open source platform workin for you?
Wow, this decision just sucked up .0005% of Apple's cash on hand. The end is near!
I think this is pretty impressive. My wife does not comprehend me and she is rarely right.  
New day, same ole BS. 
Question? When you plug a mouse into a tablet, does it cease being a tablet and become a PC?
Maybe this can be applied to the Enterprise as well. Tell corporations they have one year to adopt Windows 8 or be left behind with support. Windows 7 will be sold for another year at a premium price to Windows 8 and only be supported for one year after that. XP users will cease to exist for MS. No security updates, no service packs, no discounted tech support etc. Where are corporations going to go? Buy all new hardware using Apple? No! Moved everyone to Ubuntu? No!....
The thing that seems most relevant to me is the OS. It is listed at $90. If Microsoft is really going to get into the hardware business, needs to look at pricing differently. They need to subsidize the Surface by providing Windows to the OEM for $5-$10 license fee. They have already spent the money developing Windows 8 and the cost of doing that can be returned through sales of standard PC's to the Enterprise and consumers.  They don't have to sell RT or the license on...
New Posts  All Forums: