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"When asked about his thoughts on rival companies that reference designs like that of the iPhone, Ive says, "It's theft." Without pointing fingers, he notes that copycat products are not just copying design, but "thousands and thousands of hours of struggle." Well I don't see a real problem with millions of knock off iPhones in the world. I know they exist but who ever sees one. As far as competitors copying the iPhone, it still is not an iPhone so where is the loss....
Even at the new price it is only about .25 more a month than Netflix. I dropped Netflix and use Amazon for streaming. I can easily get my .25 back with a few freight free shipments. I think it would be very difficult to compare selection between the two and come to any conclusions as to who is a better choice. The good thing about Netflix is I can buy it for one month and watch the new season of House of Cards and then cancel.
Hopefully they will stay together for the children.
Maybe they are just looking into a joint venture to develop better batteries. That is something that is relevant to both companies.
In 2011 Apple had 60,000 employees. It is much higher that that now. So 200 hardly significant.
Is it a rumor if Apple is going to use the same technology in the next iPhone as the current one? Would the real rumor be that they were going to use a different technology? This article is a desperate attempt to fill space on a webpage.
I am going to go on record once more. Apple will never release a watch. They may release a device that is worn on your wrist, but it will no more be a watch than an iPhone is a clock.
Well, why not? What else are you going to do?
This is a lame idea, even if Apple does eventually do it.
I just love the way companies chase these rumors. Especially the watch. I personally believe Apple is not going to do a watch and if they do a 12" tablet it will be a new product and not an iPad.
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