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I see a new reality game show here. Have contestants listen to politicians talk and then they have to guess which politician has received more bribe money from lobbyists than the others. Maybe this way we can educate Americans as to who and what their politicians are doing.
If your 80 and you are that smart you can be sure you would not be wasting your time in Congress.
Doesn't Tim cook have anything better to do?
Now that HBO, Showtime and CBS have announced that next year you will be able to subscribe without a cable subscription, the clock has started. The device that offers those choices first and the many that will follow is going to win the race. After content I think it will come down to hardware. What more can you put into a device the size of an Apple TV that you cannot put into a Chromecast size device. Maybe nothing, in which case it will be interesting to watch.
Another exciting discussion about ads. Life is wonderful.
Boo Yaa. The rumors start.
What was Intel thinking? Did they really think there would be any substantial payoff down the road? Maybe they all had to get together and make cheap tablets just to remain relevant, or become completely irrelevant if they did nothing.
I really don't think any of the people who are posting here are executive management for any of the ISP's. So I wonder why all these people are arguing any point other than the one that would bring them the fastest Internet speeds at the lowest prices. I have no reason to believe that doing what Obama has indicated is going to make my experience any better or worse than it is. I currently rarely experience problems streaming. Maybe all that is needed is to do away with the...
What if instead Apple used this same money to bring Internet access to their customers directly. I have always wondered why Apple is playing nice. With all the money Apple has why they are so reluctant to disrupt the status quo. Maybe I don't fully understand what would be involved, but if Apple bought Sprint or T-Mobile and began selling wireless access to the Internet for $10/mo. and used all that income to build out the network to offer better coverage and speeds. What...
Innovative disruption
New Posts  All Forums: