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Let's see, I can buy music, I can listen to my music, and I can listen to iTunes Radio, I can listen to Beats all on my phone. What else could I possibly do with music that I cannot already do?
I can't believe I am not the only one to think of this.
Rare? Like a 50/50 chance.
It starts to get interesting now. If all these channels that are offered on the Apple TV that are accessible only via a cable or sat subscription, open up when you switch to the upcoming Apple subscription, that will be pulling the rug out from underneath cable and sat companies. However, I still have to say that the vast majority of the channels currently offered on Apple TV, Roku or the like are of absolutely no interest to me regardless of price.
Meaning, "we can make money doing this".
Good observations. These people manage lots of money. Kinda scary. What could possibly go wrong.
I am just saying that having no good choices, and only one by degree being better than the rest is not a solution to a problem. If you walked into a store and went to the check out with a loaf of bread and you were told you cannot just buy bread but you have to buy 5 other things you would leave the store without the bread. But you can go down the street to another store and they only require that you buy 2 other things you don't need or want. So your saying that you are...
Since I only watch 9 of the 53 how about 9 channels for $10. If I want to pay for something I don't use I can just keep my cable company. It is not a matter of how much less you will pay for less, but how much you pay for what you want.
It is really sounding like a large number of people are on the verge of cutting the cord. That weather it is Apple TV, Sony, Sling or ??,  pain will be felt by the cable companies. I know when stand alone Showtime is available I am cutting.  It may be a good time to get locked into a contract for Internet to stave off the hike in Internet prices that will surely happen to offset TV revenue losses.
Well the intent of my comment is to illustrate the need for Apple or someone fix the broadband situation in this country. Yes, I can dump Comcast as my TV provider, but I am still stuck with them as my Internet provider. Just wishing.
New Posts  All Forums: