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It is allowed. When Congress is not in session they are suppposed to go home and meet with their constituates. That is when they find out what we want. Ha!
Not if the process is corrupted!
The money they are paid while sounding huge and outragous is a small percentage of the profits the company makes. However the picture that the WSJ paints of her in the article makes me want to vomit. She is decribed as a shallow and as detached from the 99% as anyone could be. If I were her I would be very upset with the writer. If she isn't all the money in the world is not going to do her or anyone else any good.
Everyone needs to remember that people get paid for making the company money. Apple believes that she will make them money or they would not have given her this much. Now these are not stupid people so they know that customers will respond to what she does. Meaning, it is the consumer that buys Apple products and brings them profits. So don't begrudge what she is doing or making. It is only made possible by all the millions of people who buy the products. It is the...
When is everyone going to get out of this denial stage and acknowledge that this county is not about our constitution. It will always be trumped by money. Regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, economic status, gender or sexual orientation. In other words just about everyone is stuck in the money prison. You are beholden to someone in someway because you need money. You can live with out a constitution but not money. And so concludes my cynical rant of the day.
It is amusing to observe how openly they do this. America = Lobbying. Other places in the world = Bribery. America the best country in the world that money can buy.
What is the benefit of knowing if a window is open or closed? The best I see is that It may save me having to get my fat butt up off the couch and walk into the other room and look. That gives me a 50/50 chance of a wasted trip. If I can't operate the window remotely than what is the point? Most of this home automation stuff is pointless. Only things that allow me to control them remotely, or to program the operation make any sense.
This is progress, but you still need an Internet connection to get Apple TV or ??? I am waiting for the day I can tell Comcast to FO. Looks like we are getting closer😀
So I just checked my iPad which I have been using now for 2 1/2 yaers now. It has 32GB of memory. Even after all this time I still have over 16GB available. Maybe I should sue because Apple sold me more memory than I need.
A lawsuit makes a claim for damages. How are these people damaged. They can't carry as many songs, photos or videos around with them? How would you compensate for this. You could give these two a new iPhone with 64GB of storage to drop the suit. i don't really see any real damage here. Maybe they could pay for these two to take a math class.
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