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At the end of the day, 99% of the time, my new iPad is somewhere between 20 and 80% battery life left. I plug it into the charger and the next morning it is at 100%. Just like my first iPad always was. I am sure glad I don't have his problem. Then again I am not looking as hard as he is to find something wrong.
Leave it to a CFO to think this will do anything. What is the point of this? Will this make a significant addition to the bottom line? Will this finally get the stock price to move upward? Will this help solve the unemployment problem in the Seattle area? Will this make the equivalent Windows products more successful? The answer to all these is no. Will it get Alain Crozier a bonus this year? Probably!
I think this whole data issue is an unforeseen situation for the carriers. After all, they have sold you the phone and locked you up for two years. Let's remember if you never use your phone you will still pay them. All they ever wanted to do is sign you up. When it was just phone calls it was never an issue. Now all this data crap is a thorn in their side. I bet they just wish it would all go away and they could just charge us for not using our phones.
AT&T has publicly stated that they are not currently clamping down on Unlimited plans on iPads. The iPhone does not have LTE so this is all a moot argument for LTE on unlimited. It would make me think that people consume more data on the phones than iPads, which you would think the opposite.
Not to mention the ways to have an iPhone at feature phone prices.
Faster data does not mean more data. The web page you just downloaded is the same size regardless of how fast you download it. It's that you will have more time to surf the Internet because of less waiting time, thus more data will be consumed. It's like the guy who is at the "all you can eat bar". If you give him a bigger plate he will put more food on it. It won't be about hunger it will be about consumption.
His "play" or theatrical presentation was not taken as such, so any "your excused" is not valid here. Leave it to America to allow the fantasy to distract us from the facts. Maybe the things that Daisey said are not true, but I imagine that there are things going on at Foxconn that would offend our sensibilities. I also know there are things going on in manufacturing environments in the USA that would offend our sensibilities. So again just another distraction from what we...
I just got delivery of my new iPad at noon. It took all of 15 minutes to have the iPad functioning after a restore from an iCloud backup. I am still waiting for all of the apps and content to download however. First surprise is that it kept all my app folders intact. Display is very nice and could be dramatically better if I had better eyesight. The next thing that is really impressive over my first generation iPad is the speed of the device. Dictation works better than...
You could take it a step further by having someone go into a Samsung store. The punch line is the customer and the salesperson struggle to make the sale because of the massive piles of boxes of unsold inventory being in the way.
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