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Once again everyone here is missing the point. The objective cannot, nor should it be to move Chinese manufacturing to the U.S. It should also not to try and replicate what is being done in China. It is not feasable without probably decades of effort. In the end if you did move mfg. here would the end result be sucessful? Apple has proven and demonstrated that mfg. can be done places other than China. Cost studies have already been done to determine what Apple products...
My last experience with Sony means I will never buy Sony again. I have considered Samsung or Vizio for my next purchase. This sort of makes that decision easier. I am not sure what all this means but it for sure it is not good for consumers, weather it is price fixing or not.
Scott Thompson may be available soon. Is it all ego or is it a big signing bonus that gets people to leave their current position and go to a sinking ship?
I miss the "good ole days" when these guys would get a big bonus instead.
The best I can tell the Milken conference is where all the people who screwed the economy get together and try to figure out how to fix it. After hearing this guy speak I don't hold much hope for the economy getting fixed. I fear they may have given up on the economy in general and are focused on how to maintain their personal fortunes. $31.8B in sales and $3.6B in profit. last quarter for AT&T. 
30 posts and no one finds this statement bizarre?   So how does this conversation go.   FTC says, "Google we are going to fine you 100 million dollars." Google says, "We really think that is too much" FTC says, "Well what do you think is fair"? Google says, "Well I have $87 in my wallet" FTC says, "Ok close enough" FTC says, "One more thing, Let this be a lesson and don't let us catch you again.   Maybe if I get a parking ticket I can negotiate with the judge how much my...
Wow, this will save you save you $3 a month off your $85+/mo. cell phone bill. If that isn't exciting enough for you, you get to shop at Wall-Mart. Life is good. I wonder if these people will get a $4 fee added onto their bill for YGCP. You Got a Cheap Phone?
This is why the Internet is a bad thing. Before the Internet there were only newspapers, magazines and TV news. The available space or time meant it had to be reserved for real and relevant information. Now with billions of web pages everybody who has something to say gets to. People who in the past who would never have listened to "some analyst at JP Morgan" or devote the resources to him,  now see it all as click bait. Unfortunately the Internet has room for...
If you look back at the electoral map for the 2008 presidential election, you will notice that Oklahoma was the only state in the US that had zero counties go for Obama. 100% for McCain. There are no liberals in Oklahoma to play to.
Quote: Originally Posted by jragosta  3. People like you are whining about issues that you don't understand. This is a common and typical legal process and is well within Apple's rights.       First of all, I am not whining. I am making light of a trivial thing. How in the world can anyone take this seriously. This is just another in the millions of meaningless things people do everyday to convince themselves they have value as a human being....
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