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Interesting perspective. So if I was a cell phone company and I said I would charge you $1000 a month for the plan that you have you would be happy because you are saving $860 a month. The idea is, can you get your plan for less, not more.
My iPad is on the original unlimited plan with AT&T. Consumer Cellular uses the AT&T network.
Consumer Cellular
Quote: Originally Posted by sog35      Tmobile is a great deal.   2 lines with unlimited 4G-LTE data, unlimited talk, unlimited text.  And 5GB of LTE hotspot for iPads per user (total 10GB).  All for $120. AT&T charges over $200 for a simular plan without unlimited data.   Looks like if you join now my plan cost $140, still about 50% cheaper than Verizon/AT&T.  Glad there are only charging me $120   Like I said, if you are not a major consumer of data and talk. I...
As a disruptive force to the general business model of the cell phone industry T-Mobile is not really any different. When you look closely all the good incentives are to get you to move from another carrier. If you are not under contract, they are really not offering anything more or better than the others. If you really want a better deal look at Consumer Cellular which I have found to be much better for those who are not massive data and talk consumers.
There will be no watch!!!!!
I have said it before that Apple is not going to make a watch. I am however at the point that I wish they would so all the f***ing rumors would stop. Talk about beating a dead horse. But alas they all will move on to the next rumor and babble on endlessly about that one. I can't imagine a goal for myself to spend four years of my life getting a degree in journalism to get a job writing about idiotic rumors endlessly. So much time so little to talk about.
If it is true, then it should be demonstrable. If it is not true, would the article be considered slander?
When Americans realise that all politicians are criminal, regardless of party we will begin to solve the problem. Now do we all think that Apple does not know what it is doing here?
This seems a little scammy to me. Example: they list Apples price on the entry level 27" iMac at $1968 saying it comes with a 2.9Ghz processor. Apple does not list this confiuration in their store. Apple's entry level on the 27" is $1799 for a 3.2Ghz. This is to slippery for me. I am going to stay away from this.
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