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243 comments and counting. What better evidence of the primary driver of human existance than a topic that is about our desire and pursuit of aquiring more and more stuff and how we seek to make it faster and easier. Buy buy buy, consume consume consume. A society of coneheads.
How many times have you been in line when the person in front of you is asked if they have their loyalty card and when they say no, the person behind you in line says " Here use mine". So the data says that this nice 74 year old women is buying condoms and a pregnancy test kit. I wonder how much if the " what you buy " data is corrupt by this practice. I just wonder how seriously they rely on this data for analysis. Enough to risk denying ApplePay to keep geting it?
How would everyone react to being told that when you sign up with Comcast your mouse would be locked to Comcast, and when you moved to a city that only Charter Communications was availabe you would have to buy a new mouse? It is your hardware and your property. Almost all the carriers charge $10 for a Sim card. Plus you have to go to them to get it. Is your time not worth anything? Even if you are told upfront that if you sign up with a carrier your sim will be restricted,...
Maybe the decline is from the fact that artists don't make any money selling music anymore. Touring is the only way. When you go on tour everyone wants to hear the past and not have new music introduced. Where is the incentive to make new music that is your best work? How many artists end with their last recordings being their best? Very few. Digital is going to kill the quality of music or maybe it  already has.
There is no winning this one. The world is addicted to technology. This kind of activity will continue and get more blatant. People will pause for a moment and then say oh well, and continue to allow their privacy to be compromised in order to check Facebook or whatever it is we do as we stare at our devices almost constantly. 
I am not sure I can agree with you. If you subscribe and pay for a newspaper don't you get on a Sunday morning about 2 lbs of useless advertising stuck in the middle of your newspaper? I pay a cable company to watch TV and I have to either watch ads or fast forward through them As I drive down the street which I pay taxes to use, I get to look at billboards advertising things that I don't have an interest in. So how is the Internet different?
I wonder what Jony thought of the cheesy stage set he was sitting in. A brown cardboard backdrop with frayed bent edges that did not line up. The antithesis of what he is about.
Do you have a large family or can you just not help yourself? 
What?, and miss all the fun!
So this is what pent up demand looks like.
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