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The fact that it is free and easy to get might have some role in high adoption rates.
As much as companies whine and moan when they percieve the "playing field to not be level, that is all they really want. Just slanting toward their company. Apple is offering a level playing field and only time will tell if companies choose to take advantage of it. However that will mean they will have to compete rather than control. It should be interesting to watch it unfold.
First we have the problem of the name. This fictional device is being called an iWatch and Apple will never produce a watch. Ever! They may produce a wearable that does many things of which one will be to tell you the time, but that would be like calling your car a watch because it also tells you the time. Why do we keep calling this thing a watch?
Wow, another expensive phone that you can get a discount on by agreeing to pay too much for service for two years. I wonder what the 3d feature will do as it sees you getting jerked around by AT&T.
Sure sounds like my Nest being described
A new unnamed report from unnamed sources says something that did not happen, was supposed to happen. Also that it did not happen for some unattractive reasons. All of this in a story written by someone named AppleInsider Staff. Who would name their kid that. This has to be one of the weakest attempts at journalism one could find.
We now have the ability to share/use the same documents in iCloud. I work on a Numbers document on my Mac, then swith over to my iPad when I am watching TV. The next day when I get to work i can use iClound on a PC. on the web to access the document. Now we will be able to send this document from device to device. That sounds like an additional step and loses the syncd document feature. They are also giving dropbox funtionality. I don't get how this helps me,...
I agree the Nest UI is not much to use. Because I actually use the Internet or an app to control and program my Nest it does not matter how poor the UI on the thermostat is. In the time it would take me to find the manual to program previous thermostats with the most minimal of schedules, I can add complex scheduling to my Nest. The main problem with the Nest is I have had it for 18 months now and it no new functionality has been added. I think Apple will improve that...
You need to relax. Geesh! You also need to take some responsibility in this exchange. If you had not started out your original reply with first telling me what to do and calling my thoughts as useless and idiotic, then maybe you might get a reasonable response. You will notice that in other reasonable responses to my original comment, I did not attack those people. Think about it.
WOW, didn't see this coming. Remember, I may have pushed your button but I did not install it. Thanks for the advice, I will stop spending the 5 or 10 seconds I spend a couple of times a year on a useless and idiotic exercise. I will use that time in a more useful way like misspelling words like, secirty, noone, casue.
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