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Of all the rumors I have read, this has got to be the weakest.
So with all the rumors about a TV or the next iPad or whatever, I did not see one report on any site, including AI, that said "rumor has it that Apple will release a new OSX in the summer of 12". Rumor mongers missed this one. Apple makes them all look a bit more foolish again. To be fair Apple got smart and got all the journalists to sign NDA's, then gave them first look. Smart way to shut down the rumor mill. My guess is when the rumors for a TV stop, that will be the...
Care to elaborate on what the Congress of the United States should do for workers in a foreign country. Maybe pass a law that says you can't buy any product from a company that does not treat it's employees really really nicely. Would that make you happy?
I'll believe when I see it. I have done all I can and so far I still can't see it.
All right this discussion has gone on long enough. All sides spout empty rhetoric. No one here is willing to sacrifice anything to fix this or any problem regardless of it being in China or the U.S. Everyone wants some other group of people to make the sacrifice. The Tea Party wants it to be all the people who receive entitlements, the Occupy movement wants it to be the 1%. The Republicans want it to be the Democrats and vice versa. Congress wants it to be the non...
And lawyers make more than $41 hr. because they are not bozos.
The cost of having one worker work an average of 66 hours a week is, wages wise, the same as having two full time workers working 40 hrs a week. If you factor in benefits one worker on overtime is cheaper for the company. Basic math and basic explotation. As long as they pay you 1 1/2 they are legal. I'm surprised more companies don't do this.
If you read the latest on what is going on it looks like the Chinese government may just solve this problem for us. Not allowing importing or exporting of the iPad in China will go a long ways to fixing this.
So you typed your message on a device that was probably built in one of these hell holes. Thanks for doing your part.
Yes because we all know that in small factories that employ only 400K+ people, they are able to completely change everything in a few days to spiff the place up. Put a few vases of flowers our. Play some nice soothing music through the excellent audio system that they have. Have all 400K+ bring in pictures of there families and a few mementos to put in there work areas to show how great working at Foxconn is. Really, does anyone actually apply critical thinking to what...
New Posts  All Forums: