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You could take it a step further by having someone go into a Samsung store. The punch line is the customer and the salesperson struggle to make the sale because of the massive piles of boxes of unsold inventory being in the way.
Yes you can see that it is better. What you can't see is how amazing it is. We all know it is better, but the videos just can't show it for what it is. A picture of a tiger is nothing like a real tiger sitting in front of you.
Since the iPhone has a higher dpi you will not have a loss of data.
Don't people realize that the only two devices out there that can clearly show the better resolution of the new iPad is the new iPad and the iPhone 4 or 4S. I don't know what they hope to show in these videos. Well I guess if you have a 4K TV and the video is shot in 4K you could also see it.
This is the first Apple TV review I have decided to believe. Reason: No reference was made to Walter Isaacsons book and Steve Jobs quote "I finally cracked it".
I don't think it is going to be piracy that is going to force the change. What can and will do it is new content through new channels. What am I going to watch while I wait 6 months for HBO to release a movie to streaming? I will watch something. Since I only spend a limited amount of time watching TV then I end up watching what is available. If you wait until all the promotion for a movie is over why would I think to watch it. I am not going to spend my time reviewing...
The problem with buying season passes is you just don't know if the network is going to cancel the show. 30 Rock in HD on iTunes is $49 for the season. Fine if you are getting 25 or more shows. If you buy a season pass for a show and you get 5 episodes than you just got royally screwed. If your talking about last years season then you are one of those people that P.T. Barnum was talking about.
Open Source looks good and inviting until you actually have to deal with the carriers and all their BS. No thanks, fragmentation suks.
Come back on the 20th and tell me us how glad you are.
New Posts  All Forums: