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One out of how many millions? I'll take my chances.
Are you getting ahead of yourself here? A handful of the 10 million phones sold have bent under normal use, and now .. got to go my pants are on fire!!
10 million phones and reports of only a handful bending under normal use. I'll take my chances.
Good job of patting yourself on the back. Confirming your own rumor while only implying that it may be true. "Apple is said to have". Either they did or didn't.
Let's cut to the chase and jump all the way ahead to the iHouse.
 The data breach you speak of was not a false rumor. No need to speculate about things that have really happened.
How disappointing that Apple is not going to ship a product that they never announced. Just what is the world coming to? Click Here!
I can't wait until September 10th when all the Apple news sites start talking about the iPhone 6s.
Hopefully for the last time, there is not going to be an iWatch, next month or ever. Also, why is no one leaking or talking about the next iPhone being waterproof?
Maybe the serious problem is that they made 5.5" screens only to discover that a 5.5" phone is only a rumor.
New Posts  All Forums: