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Not about being offensive. It is about the loss of revenue.
Unlike a flag.
We go after the flag because we cannot go after guns. It is what humans do to alleviate their guilt when stuck in fear.
The government cannot surpress  speech. Apple can do what ever they want.
Where in the article did it say we are subsidizing broadband at the local level?
Here we are three years later keeping the term alive because some woman in Cleveland said it. Wow, are we pathetic or what?
Library taxes are local taxes not federal. I am sure it was fun to say it anyway.
Strangest thing. Last time I was at Wal-mart everyone walking around the store or checking out had a $200 pair of sneakers in their basket. Weird.
As many have pointed out that access to the Internet has become a necessity. The actual cost to each tax paying American is miniscule and not really worth complaining about. I am always amused how people use things like this to point out the failings of the government or a particular political party or politician. To point out a real economic problem, a couple of years ago I had major surgery and just the hospital bill for 5 days was $198,000. Who would have thought 5 days...
If the Apple TV is going to be the hub for HomeKit it seems that it would only make sense to allow it to send music to multiple bluetooth or WiFi speakers. This really sounds,technologically wise, a very easy thing to do. My thought is there must be some kind of content rights issues.
New Posts  All Forums: