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If the law does not support what you are asking for just change the law. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/senate-to-approve-controversial-cybersecurity-bill_562f7a9ae4b06317990f50db
I think what is more relevant is that only 600 + banks and credit unions support it. Mine does not. I have two credit cards connected but cannot do my checking account. I have only used it once and it was an unlikely place at that. If there are  ~15K banks and credit unions then that is only a 4% adoption rate. Not sure how to figure out what percentage of people using a bank or credit union that 600 makes possible. 
Now we know why they had us all do story problems in school. Guess you missed that lesson.
It looks to me that if the song is available on Apple Music the song will be played on your device. That may be the reason why a subscription is needed.
Worse yet Wall street is not stealing either. If you don't like the rules of the game then don't play.
Two threads going here. One talking about Wall Street manipulating stock prices to suck millions in value into their baskets of money. The other one is one guy presumably stealing DVD movies. The later seems to be as upsetting as the first.
Ain't capitalism great! 
Capability and execution are not one in the same.  
I guess if I was the 21st richest American and worth 21B, I guess I would say what I liked and scoff at the criticism. How many people on this forum would act like a buffoon for 21B?
I thought we were done with this guy.
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