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Again, you are relating only to what you know. You are convinced that it can only being done with an existing method.
This is why SJ was a visionary and you are not. You are not looking past what you already know.
Did the example above show that it would be competitive? Beyond that, all of Apple products are typically priced above the competition. I think they would do very well in competing with other high quality televisions, like the Elite line from Panasonic. Selling a high quality product and once again not participating in the "race to the bottom" strategy.
People had jobs for hundreds of years before the invention of the cell phone. I have been employed now for five years since giving up my cell phone. Every once in awhile my boss will ask me for my cell phone # and I explain that I don't have one, but if the company would like to pay for one I would be glad to carry it around with me if they feel the need to be able to get a hold of me when I am not at the office. If you need a phone for your job then I hope your employer...
Try the "Cell phone free 30 day test". Turn your cell phone off for 30 days and discover at the end you will still be alive. Then you will remember that you existence does not depend on having a cell phone. I live fine without one. To expect the government to protect you from something that is entirely your choice to be victimized by is not realistic. This merger will go through. Everyone who chooses to participate will pay more in the future and get worse...
Give them a tax break for every American citizen they hire.
This really shows the brain power of the content creators. I can pay $7.99/mo. for Hulu Plus and watch 100's of shows. But charge me $.99 each and this is a losing proposition, for who?
Well I guess as the provider they can do what they want. I as the consumer can do as I wish. To me it is not the cost or the limits. For me it is the secrecy. My unlimited plan does not show me how much I have used. As pointed out in previous posts, saying top the 5% is vague and cannot be verified. Since I can't see how much I have used, I will have absolutely no way of knowing if I am getting close. It is just important for me to remember that I made it through the...
=============Only two news stories are required here.1. Titled "Apple to release Lion on 7-31-11.2. Titled "Apple releases Lion earlier than originally announced"However there will be a third posted on 8-1-11, titled "Next version of OSX to be released ......"
The comparison should be what percentage of market share does each hold for computers that cost $1200 and up. As it is he is comparing apples to mangoes.
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