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50 billion in the bank and they negotiate a reduction in property taxes and income taxes. Greed is good!
This plan is getting closer to what I am looking for. Based on what I pay for cable I could watch 22 shows a week. That is far more than I do. Looks like I will be saving some money soon.
Question is: Can you watch 200 channels at a time and never sleep?
Yes that is precisly what I am doing. In general terms, how much does it cost to have a phone to call someone. The home internet exists regardless.
There are many issues with technology in general. The current iPhone 4 problem is just one of them. The thing that amazes me is that if I were to buy an iPhone 4 and use it to replace my Vonage phone my monthly bill would go from $30 to $104 minumum. Why is no one complaining about how much money to costs to use one of these phones. They may be smart phones, but the people using them are not real smart.
Take your Nexus One phone and place your thumb over the bottom right corner and watch your bars drop. Then take a piece of masking tape and write iPhone on it and place it over the Nexus One name so that you can say "See my iPhone sucks"
I bought the 3G and estimated I would only need the 250MB plan. I just started my vacation and switched to the Unlimited plan for that. Glad I did. Now since I am locked in I will change my plan. I will use 3G as much as possible. I will stream videos from Netflix even when I am not watching. I will consume as much data as possible, I will waste as much as possible. I also may never buy another Apple product again. Pretty tacking behavior foe a company that has billions in...
Does he even need to be in touch. What is the worst that can happen. He gets fired and has to go live off of his billions in wealth. I guess when you have that much money you can say any stupid thing you want.
That's because we have a Congress controlled by Democrats, and for the most part are cowards that don't have the guts to pass legislation requireing the ETF to reduce over the length of the contract.
[QUOTE=AppleInsider;1631580]As part of a planned expansion of electronics products in its retail stores, Walmart hopes to sell Apple's iPad. I need a shower!
New Posts  All Forums: