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Two possibilities here. 1. Apple has way too many lawyers and not enough to do. 2. Apples lawyers recognize that the jury pool will be made up from the  general population. Meaning they know the ignorance and lack of intelligence of that group is perfectly capable of coming to the conclusion, if the court uses Samsung products how can there be a problem.
Great news. Now what the hell is a " in-cell touch panels"?
You know this to be true because you saw your favorite politician on TV say this. You know he was telling you the truth because he had his favorite lobbyist standing behind him.
This is silly. I live in the U.S. in a small town. We barely have 3G. We may never have 4G and even if I go to a city that does have 4G, technically it isn't 4G. Show me anywhere that has 100mb down. I don't think it is Apple that is being misleading I think it is the telcos that are misleading far more people. Apple offered to take any unit back that the person felt they were misled. I always think it is admirable when a company gives you your money back even when it is...
Skype allows the iPad to funtion as a phone and has almost from day one. Now if by phone capabilities it should be a "cell phone " that is just silly.
Amazon has not paid 2.5B to developers or to publishers. Maybe iPads are something more to Apple and consumers than an e book device. This whole lawsuit is a joke. It shows that American capitalism is a joke also.
"A total of 16 states have also joined the fray against Apple and book publishers by filing their own lawsuits. They claim that the agreements made with Apple have cost consumers $100 million" Another few hundred million and they will catch up to the banks.
I checked and the two books are not published by the ones listed in the suit. Had I found the price the same, the higher one, I would have not made the purchase and bought used paperbacks. I think maybe this is more relevant to the NYT bestseller list books, that are hot off the presses and being heavily marketed. I see that as a small subset of the published material avaliable. I rarely buy what they are trying to spoon feed to me. I guess this whole issue is more...
Lets see. I bought two books this past week. I went to iBooks and saw that they were more expensive there, than Amazon. So I bought them in Kindle format from Amazon. What is the problem here?
Any day now. Just you watch. Waiting...waiting....! If it was not for AI nice interface i would never come to this site.
New Posts  All Forums: