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Come back on the 20th and tell me us how glad you are.
My question is will we still be able to grandfather in our AT&T unlimited accounts like we could with the iPad 2?
Ordered two. Took about an hour and several restarts.
It is called sarcasm. Look it up.
Wow you didn't read very far!
This will be the last product that Steve Jobs was the major influence on. He mastered his reality distortion field to perfection and everyone that looks at the new iPad will think they are looking at the new Apple TV. Imagining a 65 inch screen with an 8K display. What ever program is in their thoughts will be seen on the screen. Steve jobs will have the "best magician ever in the world" added to his legacy. There AI top that absurd rumor!
I second this.
I say it will be called iPad 3
I wonder if that will be confusing to some consumers. Some iPhone apps have be adapted to the iPad are identified with the HD reference. Those apps as is will not be scaled for the new display resolution. So how will the developer's identify the apps that are written for the new iPad HD? Plants vs. Zombies HD HD?
I'm with you. Fuel costs are more logical. Although that picture of a DHL airplane is awfully compelling. I just love the frenzy as it lathers up.
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