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Seems rather vague. Who's report? \
You can have a device with better resolution, but if there are no apps that take advantage of it, how does it matter? That is the challenge they all face when trying to compete with the iPad. We knew eventually someone would catch up to the iPad hardware wise, you just can never get the rest of what makes the iPad the best choice.
The normal product cycle is April. The end of February is only one month early. Why is this so unbelievable?
After reading many of these posts, I better understand why Jobs did not believe in focus groups.
We are used to not having any jobs in Oregon. The company I worked for just had a 20% lay off last month. \
Wow $5.00 a gig. This makes up for when I paid $100.00 per meg.
I am not suggesting you ignore what he is telling you about Apple. It is the second recommendation that he makes, that I would worry about. He gave the easy slam dunk recommendation away for free. Are you a lawyer or a Wall St. guy? I can't think of anyone other than the same who would defend their integrity.
I'll be the cynic here. So who is this guy. He's the guy that if you go to his website and give him $150/mo. he will share this type of information with you. He will tell you on his website that they started back in 2008 and have stellar predictive results since. Three years and running. He is predicting that the stock of one of the most successful companies is going to go up! He is a graduate of UCLA law school and now a Wall Street guy. So now we are going to start...
Not sure what you are talking about. I think Magnavox or RCA back in the 60's tried to integrate the phone to the TV, big failure. Gateway in the late 80's or early 90's tried to integrate a computer into a TV.Another big failure. Not sure where you get this swiss army knife idea.
The current Apple TV could provide all the technical solutions to the interface as they exist today. The reason it does not is not technical. It is human beings protecting their turf. What the current Apple TV does not address is the quality of the TV's that you can buy today. The only reason I see for Apple to compete with Sony, Sharp, Pioneer etc. is the quality. I purchased a Sony for my first flat screen TV. I thought, this is a quality brand and it will be a good...
New Posts  All Forums: