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Well I have to say the interface is much better than Roku. Now if Apple TV could get either Pandora or Spotify then I could lose my Roku.
Two or three events per year. So 3 days of the facts and 362 we get to hear wild speculation and rumors. New 7" iPad will actually be the new iPod Touch. If it isn't why would anyone pay $179 for the current Touch design?
It was actually announced before that.
What exactly does one need to do to prepare for an announcement? 
What is 1080HD? BR = 1080P. If you have not seen a 4K TV then you don't really know how primitive 1080P is. When you look at your TV and you cannot tell if you are looking out a window or watching a TV, that is when you can say marginal.
Not really, today I have Apple TV maybe in the future I will have an Apple TV.
Smart TV = Watching what you want, when you want, where you want on what you want to watch it on. No arcane and outdated restrictions and rules keeping you from doing that. When that day comes then everyone who has Internet will have Smart TV. Apple does not need to reinvent any hardware.
My guess is someone with time on their hands and access to a 3D printer created these two models we are looking at in the picture.  Simple easy thing to do.
As opposed to the content of this article, showing what the case for the new iPhone is. This is official and is reality.
If Apple is smart they will take the vision of Chester Gould for the design of the next iPhone. The iPod Nano is the perfect starting point.
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