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That's because we have a Congress controlled by Democrats, and for the most part are cowards that don't have the guts to pass legislation requireing the ETF to reduce over the length of the contract.
[QUOTE=AppleInsider;1631580]As part of a planned expansion of electronics products in its retail stores, Walmart hopes to sell Apple's iPad. I need a shower!
Well that's one way to look at it. How about it's a good thing to have such high quality products that your customers can trust you.
Can you download a copy of Photoshop CS4 trial and hack it and get a fully functional copy for free??
So I guess the message here is don't let any of these guys sit down at your PC unattended.
Well the chances of dying suddenly are much greater at age 71 than someone who is 55. So no one should be surprised by York's death. If dying is detrimental to a companies existence maybe we should impose forced retirement.
Why do I think Apple would not need to pay anyone anything to stand in a line. Plenty of fanbois out there. You did not say who produced this infamous video.
If the consumer pays the asking price and piracy does not become a replacment for $9.99 books, then they are correct in their assumptions. If not then they are wrong. They would not be the first industry to balk at letting the consumer define the market place. It's a new world. Learn to change or lose.
You'll notice that no one paid any attention to your very logical observation. This is the same frenzy that went on when everyone thought the current release of the iTouch would have a camera. There will be no camera in the first generation.
I DVR all the shows that I watch. If for some reason the recording does not happen I just go to the website to watch the show. I do this mainly on ABC. I really don't know if I could do this on CBS. There is one CBS show that I watch so it really does not effect me. So if I can watch it for free on the Internet on abc.com why would I want to pay anything to watch a program?\
New Posts  All Forums: