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This really shows the brain power of the content creators. I can pay $7.99/mo. for Hulu Plus and watch 100's of shows. But charge me $.99 each and this is a losing proposition, for who?
Well I guess as the provider they can do what they want. I as the consumer can do as I wish. To me it is not the cost or the limits. For me it is the secrecy. My unlimited plan does not show me how much I have used. As pointed out in previous posts, saying top the 5% is vague and cannot be verified. Since I can't see how much I have used, I will have absolutely no way of knowing if I am getting close. It is just important for me to remember that I made it through the...
=============Only two news stories are required here.1. Titled "Apple to release Lion on 7-31-11.2. Titled "Apple releases Lion earlier than originally announced"However there will be a third posted on 8-1-11, titled "Next version of OSX to be released ......"
The comparison should be what percentage of market share does each hold for computers that cost $1200 and up. As it is he is comparing apples to mangoes.
If a person wants to they can spend as much money on a PC as a Mac. The only difference is that Apple does not cater to the "cheap as possible crowd". What a lame comparison this is.
In the US we call this "No money down"
I would rather pay $99 for an iPhone 4 when 5 comes out than get a free 3GS. The very reason millions get the latest says why we say goodbye to the previous shiny object. Who knows after they tell me all about the iPhone 5 I may change my mind and only want that!
I am not sure the real obstacle to AirPlay is hardware. I would satisfied if every thing I can watch on my iPad could be played through my Apple TV. iOS 4.2 has been out quite a while now.
Again, What has he disclosed that Apple has not already disclosed? Once Apple discloses something it is no longer restricted by the NDA!
Not sure what ADC requirement you might be referring to. It is public knowledge that anyone who wants to spend $99 can sign up for the developer program and get access to Lion. All software has bugs and Apple has announced a July release. So what has been revealed that is not already public and stated already by Apple?
New Posts  All Forums: