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Again, What has he disclosed that Apple has not already disclosed? Once Apple discloses something it is no longer restricted by the NDA!
Not sure what ADC requirement you might be referring to. It is public knowledge that anyone who wants to spend $99 can sign up for the developer program and get access to Lion. All software has bugs and Apple has announced a July release. So what has been revealed that is not already public and stated already by Apple?
They could send everyone in the U.S a check for $222.
Duh! Really! Who would have thunk.
I say they should buy AT&T and give every iPhone customer unlimited voice and data for $50/mo.
So last year he submits an app to the store. The employee that takes a look at it and realizes what he is looking at. He jumps up from his chair and runs into Steve Jobs office yelling I've discovered iCloud. Apple immediately formulates the entire concept and announces it one year later. Don't we really think that Apple had this concept in mind prior to his submission? I am thinking that Apple recognized how close he was to what they were doing and rejected it to avoid...
I will say it again. Best Buy is good for one thing and one thing only. I go there to do my comparison and experience shopping. Then I go home an order online. Thanks BB for providing me the ability to touch and see a product before I buy, and not feel guilty about wasting some poor salesperson's time who is just trying to make a living.
More evidence that Best Buy is good for one thing. I like to go there and check things out before I buy online. Thanks Best Buy.
So now your are saying that Best Buy thinks it is necessary to spend advertising $ on something that they cannot get as many as they can sell? Try again.
What he really meant to say was "I am going to make so much money off of this deal that no one in my family will have work for the next 500 years.
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