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Let Apple or any company build small factories in the U.S. and build a small # of their products here. Of course because of the higher costs to make them they will cost more. Then true humanitarians can speak with their wallets and buy American. I think the manufacturers know that we won't buy American because we are greedy and don't really give a rats ass about Chinese workers. Hey we don't even care about how badly we are treated here. Give me a break. Sorry China, we...
Now that's thinking differently!
It's a good distraction to focus on someone else. I live in southern Oregon and a company called CertainTeed just advertised for some production jobs. The ad said: Temporary full time positions, day or night shifts available. No benefits and the shifts are 12 hours. In a area where unemployment is 10% I guess you can make this work. I am going to speculate that if unemployment was 6% they would probably at least offer 8 hour shifts. If this job does not appeal to you there...
[QUOTE=Tallest Skil;2036773]Yes, it's a rumor site. That's what we do. Fair enough. Oh by the way, there is a rumor that people are having issues with 10.7.3.
I am starting to question the value of AppleInsider. This is the second article today from the infamous rumor mill. However not even one article regarding all the issues that are being experienced by those who have installed Lion 10.7.3. What is the intention or purpose if AI. Fluff or relevant information.
How about they give it all to the big banks. They have fallen on hard times as of late. There senior managers have not been very creative lately in figuring out how to get more of their customers. I really do feel bad for them. Come on Tim step up and do the right thing here.
In anticipation of another dismal financial report from Apple, stock holders drove the stock down $7.00 a share on Tuesday. Go figure!
Yes, that would be nice. Unfortunately not logistically feasible. The production lines needed to produce 411,000 iPhones a day last quarter to keep up with demand. Where would you build such a facility? We're would you get the production workers, the engineers, and everyone else to do this. Yes in time, maybe in 10 years you could move this operation here. Then you would have all the delays due to environmental studies, union activities, U.S government mucking about, not...
The agency model has always bothered me. If I am a business that sells primarily wholesale, I have made my money in that sale. If the retailer wants to sell at a loss how does that hurt me? I am always amazed that I can go to the mall to five different shoe stores and the price is identical for the same shoe. It is not good for the consumer to not have the opportunity to save money on competitive pricing. For me if an ebook is more than a paperback, I will buy the...
I can make calls all day long, including Canada and Mexico. I can surf the Internet and text all I want and all this costs me $38/mo. in the US. The only limitation is I have to be in my house. It is called what is referred to as a landline. I could leave the house and do the same thing for about $100 more each month. Someone want to explain how that works. Does it not cost more to string wires all over the place than to put up towers??
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