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Maybe instead of looking at how many iPads Apple is not selling look at how many they are. How much profit is being made on the decreased sales. It is not like they are having to give them away and losing money on every one that goes out the door. Sometimes we just miss the point of things.
Is this really just about Apple Pay or all NFC payment systems problematic?
Yeah, we sold a lot of stuff and made a lot of money, more of the same next quarter.
 Outstanding idea, let's get all corporations out of politics.
Everyone must realize that there is nothing that can be said to change the minds of the people supporting the law in Indiana. Their brains are wired differently and there is nothing you can do about that. They are incapable of seeing this any other way. The only logical way to solve this is a federal law making LGBT a protected class. 
You may be right, but I suspect that this action by a racist governor will soon lead to getting that loophole fixed. 
Step 1     Allow discrimination in businessStep 2     Make them sit in the back of the busStep 3     Oh what the heck let's just lynch themStep 4     Open up concentration camps and kill them in mass like Germany did with the Jews. Does Indiana really have a problem?  If I was gay and I went into a restaurant and the owner or employee expressed their dislike for me, I would just go elsewhere. This is not( at least yet) a widespread problem. It is just a few ignorant people...
Discrimination is illegal also. If it was not why would Indiana need to change the law with this bill.
OK, I'll  take the argument to the extreme. If an Islamic Extremist opens a restaurant and an American capitalist comes in to eat. If the extremist believes per his religion that he should kill the American,  is that his religious right, regardless of the law?
I am starting to think that the longer this transition goes on the greater the greater the chance that people will just start to watch less TV. I know that I already have stopped checking out new fall programs on the networks, knowing that if they are actually any good I will be able to stream entire seasons on Netflix eventually. I am more and more becoming a binge watcher.  Gone are the days of standing around and discussing last nights episode with coworkers or friends....
New Posts  All Forums: