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This is not just a matter of cost. When I cancelled HBO with Comcast to switch to HBO Now, Comcast only reduced my bill by $5/mo. It sure did not cost me $5 when I  signed up. Actually that is hard to tell with the convoluted packaging they do with channels and services. I looked at my Comcast bill this month and they  say they are charging me $19/mo. for Showtime, a long ways from the $15/mo for HBO and Showtime package when I signed up. It will be interesting what they...
Lets think about this. Imagine 3 mil listening worldwide. 1% of those decide to request a song. That is 30K song requests. If each song is on average 5 minutes than it would take 104 days to play all these songs back to back. Say that 1% of the requests are actually played. That is still over one full day at 24/7. I think I have a better chance of winning the lottery than actually having my request chosen and heard by anyone I know. Does anyone actually think about these...
Grand plan. Launch a new music service and add a 24/7 radio station. Hire DJ's with really really big ego's that hold the illusion in their minds that we really don't want to hear the music they are playing, but want to hear them talk. AM radio for the 21st century. Well I guess I won't spend anymore time listening to the new Beats1.
We have no issue with war but you better not be showing me that offensive piece of cloth. Just get rid of the flag and go kill a bunch of people so I can enjoy myself again.
Not about being offensive. It is about the loss of revenue.
Unlike a flag.
We go after the flag because we cannot go after guns. It is what humans do to alleviate their guilt when stuck in fear.
The government cannot surpress  speech. Apple can do what ever they want.
Where in the article did it say we are subsidizing broadband at the local level?
Here we are three years later keeping the term alive because some woman in Cleveland said it. Wow, are we pathetic or what?
New Posts  All Forums: