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Please elaborate on what you mean by packages.  
 I still buy music and some comes from hearing it on the radio and some from listening to Pandora or iTunes Radio. The later makes it very easy to buy. I think if music is really good people will want to own it.  So maybe music isn't all that good anymore. Streaming is certainly more defined as to just choosing a rock, country or classical station. Although streaming at times is amusing. You create, for an example, an Eric Clapton station and the first song is Clapton but...
Remember when you listened to a thing called radio and they played music over the air and you had to listen to commercials. Oh wait you can still do that for free. So if what is wrong with streaming music must also be wrong with radio? Why is Pandora not mentioned in this. I have listened to Pandora free with commercials since almost day one. Works for me. If I have to pay a monthly fee my level, of expectation will rise.
The congressional record shows that 39 Republican senators and 178 represenitatives voted against the bill. I guess you really meant to say that no Republicans voted for the bill, instead of they did not vote on the bill.
Did SpamSandwich really say this? 
Actually if you are a senior you get Medicare and do not participate in the ACA.
Typical, senior management makes a bad business decision and the solution is lay off 3,500 people who had nothing to do with the decision. Nothing in the article was mentioned about the firing the idiots who said "let's sell a bunch of displays at a loss". Because we all know selling at a loss is better than not selling at all. 
Since we don't really know what it is going to look like, the source makes reference to Ping to give it context and thereby losses control of the message. Now everyone is talking about how bad Ping was and has stopped wondering what the new service will be. We know something new is coming. How about everyone be patient and step away from the ledge until it is announced and if it is Ping 2 then everyone can jump. In the meantime just calm down.
The article says that Australia is going to investigate. They have not said that Apple or anyone else has broken the law to avoid taxes, yet. I would imagine though that they must think there is something there or why would they make the effort.  Everyone is getting all defensive about our precious Apple being disrespected by this. I don't know if Apple or any other corporation has broken the law or not. It may even be what they think they could get away with. Apple...
How does it matter who sells the most phones? I mean beyond having a meaning to shareholders.
New Posts  All Forums: