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Since I only watch 9 of the 53 how about 9 channels for $10. If I want to pay for something I don't use I can just keep my cable company. It is not a matter of how much less you will pay for less, but how much you pay for what you want.
It is really sounding like a large number of people are on the verge of cutting the cord. That weather it is Apple TV, Sony, Sling or ??,  pain will be felt by the cable companies. I know when stand alone Showtime is available I am cutting.  It may be a good time to get locked into a contract for Internet to stave off the hike in Internet prices that will surely happen to offset TV revenue losses.
Well the intent of my comment is to illustrate the need for Apple or someone fix the broadband situation in this country. Yes, I can dump Comcast as my TV provider, but I am still stuck with them as my Internet provider. Just wishing.
I would love to wake up one day and read "Apple replaces AT&T" as the second largest broadband provider.
I can tell you that I only have 8-10 channels I watch. So again 15 that I don't watch or care about, but get to pay for. Four of those that I do watch are the broadcast networks and I can get the shows I watch there on Hulu Plus, if I wasn't so lazy. Somehow watching on a DVR seems easier than Hulu. Ah first world problems.
If you break the package model are there are some channels that virtually no one would be willing to pay for? So maybe 300 of the 500 channels available just go away due to lack of interest.
I think you are saying packages is the way to do it and I am saying it is not the way to do it.
No wonder TV hasn't changed much in the last 40 years. You make my point but yet we disagree.
  Packages is what we have now. It is highly unlikely that someone can construct a "package" that would actually meet the desires of the majority of customers. And what is the point from the providers needs? Packaging gives the illusion of getting value for your money. So a "Basic TV" package costs, let's say $39 and it gets you 50 channels. A slick salesman will present that as less than a $1 per channel. The critical thinking person who realizes that they only will watch...
So here is the problem. Everyone will have a little different idea of what channels they want. This is why a package deal just does not make sense. I always envisioned content providers providing an app and setting there own pricing model. Some may do subscription and some may do pay per view. I think it would be perfect to offer shows for $1.99 at release and $1.00 after one week. Based on that I would have a TV bill that works for me. The HBO Now subscription makes me...
New Posts  All Forums: