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Anyone who has worked in manufacturing will find the following senario as possibe. GTA enters into a contract to supply sapphire to Apple for Touch ID's and the unannounced AppleWatch. GTA experiences technical issues in production and is unable to solve them by the time Apple has to pull the trigger on production of the watch. Apple has to go somewhere else for the sapphire. GTA now loses a large inveestment because it has no orders to pay for all the costs. This can...
So the NFL can't figure out how to deal with, or just plain deal with domestic abuse, but just wear the wrong brand headphones and you will feel the wrath of the commissioner. The NFL is run by a bunch of sociopaths.
Here's buzz kill. Too long since we had an event on a Thursday.
Not funny or appropriate
waterrockets said that there were more Android phones encrypted than iPhones until two weeks ago. To know that there are more Android phones encrypted than iPhones would you not have to count them?
Just how would one count how many phones are encrypted or not? What would be the reason to count them? Maybe to see which phones you could extract information from. It seems to me that if you have no interest in the data, why would you even know who is encrypted or not.
One out of how many millions? I'll take my chances.
Are you getting ahead of yourself here? A handful of the 10 million phones sold have bent under normal use, and now .. got to go my pants are on fire!!
10 million phones and reports of only a handful bending under normal use. I'll take my chances.
Good job of patting yourself on the back. Confirming your own rumor while only implying that it may be true. "Apple is said to have". Either they did or didn't.
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