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I'll admit I am not a financial guy, but how does a company that has a market cap of 3.85B down ~ 8% in the last year spend $425M on this? 
For a third generation product that has been almost 3 years since the last, this is not much of a improvement. It does not solve any of the many reported shortcomings of the last genereation reported by users. It does appear to be better equiped to track you as you walk around, and in exchange for this you get to know what time it is. Google at Googles best.
While what you say may well be true. However unless T-Mobile has to install additional equipment to be able to handle what these 3000 individuals are doing, there is no additional cost to T-Mobile. If they lose customers because of one or more of these individuals is sucking up so much bandwidth that it makes the experience of others unacceptable then that sounds more like a technology problem. How would it be different if they were legitimately using a paying for this...
Think about it. They build a data center that has a bandwidth capacity of some amount, in theory for more data than will be requested. When you exceed your "unlimited amount" a software adjustment is made to throttle your bandwidth. You are still using the same amount it is just being slowed down. I would hazard to say that networking equipment that has then ability to dial in specific bandwidth based on each individual phone number costs a lot more than equipment that...
How much does a terabyte of data really cost a cellular company?
This is such a genereous offer from the NFL, I think I will send them $99 for nothing. /s
I wonder if those who jailbroke their phones and experience finacial losses, if they will get no recourse due to it is their own fault.
I have had many conversations over the years with cable  and satalite companies where the position was always, "customers want channel packages. We tried alacarte and they did not buy." This is probably true as for the most part television is a passive activity. People plop down in front of the TV and surf around until something catches their interest. DVR's has changed this somewhaat to now poeple will at least take the time to program the DVR to get what they want. For a...
Yeah I put it on my work computer and had booting issues. After installing the first Windows Update sent out the machine would not boot at all. Fortunately the roll back to Windows 7 was easy and sucessful. Since I have a 3 year old Dell Insperon, maybe I expect too much. /s
Too funny. The guy is barred from working until the end of the year. Nice vacation. Samsung was complicit in this and of course nothing about a company stealing trade secrets being unethical or illegal in anyway. Let's get serious here folks, no one involved really cares about the ethics of this or intends to end any future motivation for this to happen again.  This was just TSMC way of getting a little retribution for the outcome of the  decision to not promote this guy.
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