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 Isn't this the function of the media? A few people gather the news and report it to the many. You know, what you said without the hostility.
Well actually I have no interest in reading Samsung's earnings report. If AI wants to reference something from it maybe they should include the quote, or change the headline to reflect what the article actually covers.
There are choices out there that allow a person avoid doing business with the likes of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile along with all of their sub carriers. If people would just consider what their real cell phone needs are, then look around, many might discover they don't have to play their game. How many people who use a cell radio equipped device need unlimited data? I am on WiFi 95% of the time. Maybe if people didn't spend 85% of your waking life staring at a...
Just what the NSA needs.
So the headline says that Samsung blames competition. I did not see any quotes in the article of any Samsung employee saying that. Who at Samsung is blaming competition? Names? Dates? Quotes?
This should be quite the accomplishment, since there never will be an iWatch.
Interesting perspective. So if I was a cell phone company and I said I would charge you $1000 a month for the plan that you have you would be happy because you are saving $860 a month. The idea is, can you get your plan for less, not more.
My iPad is on the original unlimited plan with AT&T. Consumer Cellular uses the AT&T network.
Consumer Cellular
Quote: Originally Posted by sog35      Tmobile is a great deal.   2 lines with unlimited 4G-LTE data, unlimited talk, unlimited text.  And 5GB of LTE hotspot for iPads per user (total 10GB).  All for $120. AT&T charges over $200 for a simular plan without unlimited data.   Looks like if you join now my plan cost $140, still about 50% cheaper than Verizon/AT&T.  Glad there are only charging me $120   Like I said, if you are not a major consumer of data and talk. I...
New Posts  All Forums: