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I'm glad when I get up in the morning to go to work I don't have to spend my time living with this insanity. What a waste of human existence.
I installed Windows 10 on my work computer. I was a little shocked at the privacy questions and settings that were presented during the install. I of course turned all requests for data to off. This article is disturbing but not entirely surprising. I had issues with booting 10, it would take two attempts to happen. My Office 2013 kept having issues that required me to repair the installation. I downloaded the first update for 10 that I was presented with and it broke...
This has nothing to do with the technology or the method of creating information. This is just about what people are willing to do regarding trashing the constitution. The same attitude may result in torture to get the guy in the 1950's to give up the key. You find more covert ways of getting what you want.
Nicely said, however this is not the way our world works now. You say you will do anything to hold the constitution sacred. Do you literally mean anything. How about resigning from your job and abandoning your career. Then not being able to pay your mortgage, feed your family, pay for your child's college etc. Are you willing to do that? Are your superiors also willing or will they fire you if you do not follow orders to violate peoples civil liberties. This all has to...
The only consolation in all of this is that the people who are slowly removing our civil liberties and abandoning the constitution will some day fall victim to their own actions. They won't always be in power and those who take over will turn this back onto the creators for their own purposes. Careful what you ask for, as it is said.
I have a shower head that I got from Lowe's that puts out 1.6 gpm. I paid $39.95. I take 4-5 minute showers witch includes the time for hot water to arrive. So why would I want this. The ROI is going to be much longer than 2 years. As anoher commenter pointed out if you solve the problem of waiting for hot water you will do much more good.
I am using it and I am playing albums almost exclusively.
I think what you meant to say is if a person had half of your brain these clowns would never get elected.
~400 down only about ~6000 to go
Good plan, pay billions for a technology that will be outdated by the time you are ready to use it. I don't know about other car companies but in my 2011 Honda has the same navigation system that was in my 2004 Acura. I wonder if car companies can actually move fast enough to keep up.
New Posts  All Forums: