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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
It's just kerosene.
Your mother told you not to get a tattoo. Are you going to listen to her now?
    I agree. This is the part of all these rumors that leave me doubting that anything is really going to change. As long as channels are packaged in a set group it will be the same thing we have now. Now if you want to package channels purely on the subscribers choice than that would be a good thing. Each channel would have a set price depending on what it is. HBO is $15 and a channel like Velocity would be $2. Discounts would be given for packages. An example would be 10...
Now if someone would start writing some good music than all of this might actually make a difference. I am still trying to figure out why a song is better being twice as long when all that is done is repeat the chorus over and over for 3/4 of the song. I especially like to listen to the songs that talk about killing people or treating women like animals or sex slaves.  That is where real high fidelity really comes into play. Don't want to miss a single nuance of the hate...
What are the odds of aliens traveling light years to get here just to critique smart phones. Somehow I would suspect if they have the technology to get here, they would find smart phones as primitive as we find two tin cans and a string.
Maybe if at the end of the people having sex they die in various exteme violent ways Apple and all the people here against porn would be okay with it.
I think it is nearly impossible for Apple to be completely consistent regarding what they allow and don't allow in this area. I suspect that HBO is allowed because 98% of what they offer is not porn of any kind. It is also not the primary purpose of HBO to cater to people who are looking for porn. Someone used Playboy as an example. I think it would be reasonable say that Playboy's primary purpose is to create material for adults and adult men more specifically. At the...
Since this is currently an Apple TV exclusive, am I correct that you are billed through your iTunes account?
So one article talks about Apple TV not supporting 4K but they will be releasing an 8K display. Rumors abound.
New Posts  All Forums: