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This either says Apple's lawyers are not very good at making a case for dismissal, or the judge saw something different in the case that was not covered by the SC decision.
I used to work in restaurants and the cooks and bartenders always helped each other out with free food in exchange for free drinks and vice versa. So how do we know the inspectors are not in cahoots with the inspectees.
If you think this just comes down to company policy, then you are making the argument that there should be no labor laws. This is a perfectly legitimate pursuit. They want the interpretation of the  law reviewed and the courts will decide. It sounds to me that if they lose the case you will chastise the court for being bleeding liberal pinko socialist judges that should removed. If they rule in favor of Apple you will say they are great patriots. Since when are laws to be...
I find it interesting that some comments on here are in defense of the employer. Why would anyone defend being viewed as a potential criminal, asked to prove to the employer that you are not, and on your own time, every time you leave your work area. Yes, theft is a huge problem for companies, so apparently searching employees does not work that well or every company would be doing it and we would not have a problem. Someone suggested that it is only 30 seconds of your...
I guess getting 5 megabits for free is better than paying for it, but that is about all. How about 50 megabits for free and then pay for gigabit service. I have always wondered when they turn up the dial on your speed from free to pay, how does the cost of delivery go up?
You could only wish. ESPN and NFL Network are the two most expensive channels to cable providers. My guess since they said HBO is one of the channels and is often a $15 add on to a cable package that what ever else is in this package is going to be garbage. Remember this is Comcast we are talking about. The articles goes on to say thousands of movies and TV shows will be on demand. Well maybe. Just last night I went on the Can I Stream It website and looked up a movie. It...
I wonder if Airplay can be used?
Just what Big Pharma needs, another way to make profits off of sick people.
Apple may not be doomed but the investors are.
Since there is 3 months free it really works out to ~$7.50/mo for the first year of Apple Music.  Maybe Spotify should be selling at their website for $7.50. So instead of paying Apple to collect the money they can pay a bunch of other companies to collect the money. Like doing it this way has no cost associated with it. Spotify is just running scared. Not to mention that after Apple takes their 30% that leaves $9.09 for Spotify. Now they want the customer to pay $9.99...
New Posts  All Forums: