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Step 1     Allow discrimination in businessStep 2     Make them sit in the back of the busStep 3     Oh what the heck let's just lynch themStep 4     Open up concentration camps and kill them in mass like Germany did with the Jews. Does Indiana really have a problem?  If I was gay and I went into a restaurant and the owner or employee expressed their dislike for me, I would just go elsewhere. This is not( at least yet) a widespread problem. It is just a few ignorant people...
Discrimination is illegal also. If it was not why would Indiana need to change the law with this bill.
OK, I'll  take the argument to the extreme. If an Islamic Extremist opens a restaurant and an American capitalist comes in to eat. If the extremist believes per his religion that he should kill the American,  is that his religious right, regardless of the law?
I am starting to think that the longer this transition goes on the greater the greater the chance that people will just start to watch less TV. I know that I already have stopped checking out new fall programs on the networks, knowing that if they are actually any good I will be able to stream entire seasons on Netflix eventually. I am more and more becoming a binge watcher.  Gone are the days of standing around and discussing last nights episode with coworkers or friends....
All that, and the only thing I watch is Sunday Night Football. Yep, won't miss it at all. 
I think the building itself is a far better tribute than anything else. Unless I am mistaken it is the last expression Steve gave to the world.
This is a good thing that the device will be learning over time. The health app on my phone sometimes thinks I have been cycling when I have not.
Soon to come will be the watch app for the phone. If you are looking at your phone when a notification comes in on the watch you won't need to look at your watch to see what to look at on your phone, it will just appear on your phone with a simulated watch face for an interface. The number of seconds I am going to save myself every year is going to be liberating. Sorry, after a while I have to resort to sarcasm regarding all of this. By the way does anyone know what time...
Let's see, I can buy music, I can listen to my music, and I can listen to iTunes Radio, I can listen to Beats all on my phone. What else could I possibly do with music that I cannot already do?
I can't believe I am not the only one to think of this.
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