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It is cheaper that the cost of a Macbook Air and an iPad which would be required to gain nearly the same functionality. What I want to know is why no one is putting cellular capability into notebooks. That would be a selling point for me.
This would make more sense if the iPad did not exist.
Yes of course you are right. You must always be right. Too painful to be wrong. You can choose to be as aware as much as you want to be of the effects of your existence. All and all I am just glad I am not you.
Are you revealing yourself to be a sociopath?
You can't buy oxygen at Cvs, The oxygen you consume while there you do not pay for. You can buy bottled water and junk food but that is probably not the best choice. Of course you know that I meant consuming to feed the addiction. When we buy things we really don't need but just want. Like a new iPhone to replace a perfectly good iPhone just to get ApplePay so we can bitch when CVS or ? Does not allow us to use it. How dare they.
Scanning receipts to be used to create tax write offs leaving more money in the consumers pockets to buy more crap. I'll give you the trees. Or maybe that is just a distraction from their original intent to post.
As a percentage of their group I would guess the right has the advantage.
243 comments and counting. What better evidence of the primary driver of human existance than a topic that is about our desire and pursuit of aquiring more and more stuff and how we seek to make it faster and easier. Buy buy buy, consume consume consume. A society of coneheads.
How many times have you been in line when the person in front of you is asked if they have their loyalty card and when they say no, the person behind you in line says " Here use mine". So the data says that this nice 74 year old women is buying condoms and a pregnancy test kit. I wonder how much if the " what you buy " data is corrupt by this practice. I just wonder how seriously they rely on this data for analysis. Enough to risk denying ApplePay to keep geting it?
How would everyone react to being told that when you sign up with Comcast your mouse would be locked to Comcast, and when you moved to a city that only Charter Communications was availabe you would have to buy a new mouse? It is your hardware and your property. Almost all the carriers charge $10 for a Sim card. Plus you have to go to them to get it. Is your time not worth anything? Even if you are told upfront that if you sign up with a carrier your sim will be restricted,...
New Posts  All Forums: