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I use an AT&T iPhone that is not unlocked. I have never done business with AT&T. I use a different provider. If people are willing to look there are ways to legally use an iPhone and not spend a ton of money or be locked into contracts for the privilege.
If you terminate your contract early and pay the ETF, the carrier can still require return of the phone. I understood this when I was trying to get an iPhone cheap. Sign up with AT&T and after a couple of months cancel the service and pay the $350 ETF, but they will ask for the phone back. So this is not a way to get an iPhone for $350. Wish it was.
Or at least run spell check.
To further support my theory. The 64GB iPod Touch costs the same as the iPad 2. Why would you buy a Touch if an iPad costs the same. The answer is you don't want a 10" screen. A 7" Touch solves the size and cost problems. Mark my words!
I am still going to stand by my theory that the 7" device is going to be the new iPod Touch. Makes sense to me as it avoids all the controversy on how SJ said a 7" iPad did not make sense. 
Apple has publicly backed off on this plan, saying it was a mistake. Some new "formula" was being used. Error discovered, error fixed. So why has AI not updated this story? Does that make AI a troll?
The picture says it all for me. I will never pay $2.99 for a single episode of a TV show ever. My limit is $1.00 for a first run show in HD. For a long time I thought I was on my way to being a cord cutter. Now I think I am just going to be someone that used to watch TV. 
Do all you fanboys really think Tim Cook didn't know he was going to do this?
I am going to say these items belong to a family member.
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