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Ok - Really. Stupid. Question.   I have iTunes Match.  Do I really need it at this point as it says both it and Apple Music store your music in the cloud?  It kind of sounds like I don't if I want to subscribe to Apple Music, but I'm honestly not 100% sure.
I honestly don't know how I feel about this.  I'm glad they are getting financially spanked, but at the same time that means my monthly bill is probably going to be impacted to cover the cost.
Brighthouse bundles both HBO and Showtime for about $30 a month. If they actually want this to catch on then the need to set the price point below that rate as I'm sure they are not the only company that bundles..
I thought I read that the BH deal with Charter was contingent on the TW/Comcast deal going thorough.  
Silly question - Can I delete the old iPhoto library as it seems to have created a Photos Library?
General Question and maybe FYI: I assume that if you subscribe to a bundled service that includes other premium content you're kinda screwed here.  I for example have HBO and Showtime bundled, and can't 'unbundle' them through my provider.  I assume you would lose access then in that case?  That's assuming you drop the cable subscription and pick up just HBO Now...
"There have got to be cheaper (and thinner) Thunderbolt enclosures out there." - They are few and far between.
It's more a consumer (cheapness?) choice rather than a technical choice.  Each year I say "I'm going to update my AppleTV" and then I hear the yearly rumors about them updating it soon.  Therefore I decide as a consumer that'll I'll wait and see if the update ever materializes and use the one I have as it's not having any issues.    It's more a case of me not wanting to update to the latest version and then them coming out with a new model a month later or anything...  
Quite honestly I hope it's true this time.  I've been intentionally holding off upgrading now to the 1080p version for over a year now with the hopes they'd update the hardware.
New Posts  All Forums: