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It's more a consumer (cheapness?) choice rather than a technical choice.  Each year I say "I'm going to update my AppleTV" and then I hear the yearly rumors about them updating it soon.  Therefore I decide as a consumer that'll I'll wait and see if the update ever materializes and use the one I have as it's not having any issues.    It's more a case of me not wanting to update to the latest version and then them coming out with a new model a month later or anything...  
Quite honestly I hope it's true this time.  I've been intentionally holding off upgrading now to the 1080p version for over a year now with the hopes they'd update the hardware.
"credit card data is stored on a user's SIM card" - yeah, that sounds safe /s I seem to remember an article this past weekend about a manufacturer of SIM cards being hacked or something, yes, safe indeed....
Agree - we don't need a new version of OS X every year.  A working version of OS X would be nice though.   Just saying.
It's like one big circle.. I had rollover minutes way back when minutes actually meant something to the carriers. Now they are doing rollover data, I wonder how long it'll take to go back to unlimited data... And yes, having rollover data expire after a month IS BS, but from my experience with rollover minutes (in a family of 4 at the time), we never dipped far into the pool. I have a 15GB plan between 5 right now and we barely go over 8 each month on average. I...
What needs to be in focus here is that the consumer has choice and protection. If NFC takes off for payment options and it's SECURE then that really should be all that matters. I hate walking into a store these days and wonder as I swipe my card if I'm going to run into issues 6 months down the road due to someone hacking Home Depot (or whoever). I'm not all that up on Google Wallet as I have an iPhone, but as long as their solution is safe and secure for me, then I...
Why would I use this vs OneDrive as an example?
I don't have dropped connections, but it doesn't respect the network order you set.  It seems to allow traffic to wifi even if it's a lower priority.   I also have a weird issue that i can't see my time capsule unless wifi is turned on, even though I have a wired connection.
New Posts  All Forums: