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Welcome to the US of A.
about time.
I wonder if M$ is going to have an issue with the name PowerShell as that's also what they call their integrated scripting environment for Windows 7 and above.
 As this is a free website, they get their money from advertisements.  While sometimes these "stories" are annoying, the quality and information the site gives us more than makes up for the occasional ad content they push out.  Additionally, even though you (and I) really are not taking any value out of the advertisement, there might be others that save a couple of bucks due to it. BTW - there's nothing that forces you to click on the link to read it.  :)
Yeah it took a bit, seems to work pretty well from the short test I put it thru.
Well then those businesses are the exception then, the majority do use M$ products..  My apologies for the glib comment, it was meant to be funny.
 Except anyone who's owns or is working at a business that doesn't serve chicken wings.  I'm actually pretty sure they'd use office too, now that I think about it.
I'm not seeing it on the app store. Anyone?
So this would be just an RDP application or more of a citrix type experience? Actually the ability to run outlook on my iPad appeals to me.
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