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Agree - we don't need a new version of OS X every year.  A working version of OS X would be nice though.   Just saying.
It's like one big circle.. I had rollover minutes way back when minutes actually meant something to the carriers. Now they are doing rollover data, I wonder how long it'll take to go back to unlimited data... And yes, having rollover data expire after a month IS BS, but from my experience with rollover minutes (in a family of 4 at the time), we never dipped far into the pool. I have a 15GB plan between 5 right now and we barely go over 8 each month on average. I...
What needs to be in focus here is that the consumer has choice and protection. If NFC takes off for payment options and it's SECURE then that really should be all that matters. I hate walking into a store these days and wonder as I swipe my card if I'm going to run into issues 6 months down the road due to someone hacking Home Depot (or whoever). I'm not all that up on Google Wallet as I have an iPhone, but as long as their solution is safe and secure for me, then I...
Why would I use this vs OneDrive as an example?
I don't have dropped connections, but it doesn't respect the network order you set.  It seems to allow traffic to wifi even if it's a lower priority.   I also have a weird issue that i can't see my time capsule unless wifi is turned on, even though I have a wired connection.
All I care about is that Excel isn't the slow, painful POS app that it is under OS X..  I have copies of Excel that run faster in VM's than the locally installed copy of office on my mac.
This is probably a really stupid question so please forgive me.  If a store accepts wireless payments but isn't on the list of supported stores BUT you have your credit card in Apple Pay, can you use it there?
"We don't have a burning desire or need for coverage," You're welcome to come spend a week at my house and try to use your phone for business calls without using my microcell.
New Posts  All Forums: