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I find it interesting that Windows Phone lags behind BB.
  I have not used Amazon, but Skydrive is pretty damn neat.  I have a client that syncs across all my devices (iPhone,pad,mac) as well as my windows VM's.  From a Pricing viewpoint,  it aint that bad.     Interesting note about this new version of Parallels is that it actually includes iCloud into your VM's as a favorite (well, in windows so far).  You get your photostream and they expose the folder structure of your iCloud.  I don't know what you'd do with Pages and...
For anyone who upgraded and you're not seeing the start menu.  You have to go to the view menu and choose the Windows 7 look.  It'll then download some files from Stardock and you'll have a Start menu.
Rob53, you're doing something wrong then or have a problem. I've been running it for years without and speed issues. I would probably recommend at you bring your ram up to 16gb. But even still, it should not be that bad with 8.
I would hope that they don't actually put out a TV unit rather than a box you attach.  Based on the upgrade cycle for Apple products you can expect an upgraded model on a pretty standard basis at least every 1-2 years.  TV's are long term devices that people generally keep until the device dies.  Given that the market while potentially huge would be somewhat limited in scope when it comes to future upgrades.
Actually, I believe it came out on Monday.
  Yes I do think that's the reason.  I understand this is an Apple forum (as I sit here typing on my iMac BTW), but I just don't understand why it seems that every other product that any other company besides Apple puts out has to be viewed as a complete piece of crap or Apple did it better or whatever.  I'm not defending M$ or any company in particular, it's just very discouraging that the negativity comes out every time there is a product announcement by a company other...
I find it interesting that everyone, or a vast majority of people find it necessary to pick this product apart solely for the fact that it doesn't have an image of a piece of fruit on the front.  How about for once develop a positive outlook and recognize the hard work that a lot of people probably put into it and wish them luck?  If it sucks, it'll fail and you all will be right.  At the very least it'll force Apple/Sony etc to maybe try to continue innovating as...
If the actual product and games meet the expectations they set in the presentation I watched today, it'll basically change the console business (IE kill everyone else) in one swoop.  Video conferencing -Ala Skype, motion control, Cable box integration, Voice Control, Blue Ray etc..  It quite simply will leave everyone in the dust.  The graphics they demoed the new version of Call of Duty were simply amazing.  The thing isn't a gaming console, it's a PC that acts like a...
Where is apple tv traffic, itunes?
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