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Yeah it took a bit, seems to work pretty well from the short test I put it thru.
Well then those businesses are the exception then, the majority do use M$ products..  My apologies for the glib comment, it was meant to be funny.
 Except anyone who's owns or is working at a business that doesn't serve chicken wings.  I'm actually pretty sure they'd use office too, now that I think about it.
I'm not seeing it on the app store. Anyone?
So this would be just an RDP application or more of a citrix type experience? Actually the ability to run outlook on my iPad appeals to me.
I find it interesting that Windows Phone lags behind BB.
  I have not used Amazon, but Skydrive is pretty damn neat.  I have a client that syncs across all my devices (iPhone,pad,mac) as well as my windows VM's.  From a Pricing viewpoint,  it aint that bad.     Interesting note about this new version of Parallels is that it actually includes iCloud into your VM's as a favorite (well, in windows so far).  You get your photostream and they expose the folder structure of your iCloud.  I don't know what you'd do with Pages and...
For anyone who upgraded and you're not seeing the start menu.  You have to go to the view menu and choose the Windows 7 look.  It'll then download some files from Stardock and you'll have a Start menu.
Rob53, you're doing something wrong then or have a problem. I've been running it for years without and speed issues. I would probably recommend at you bring your ram up to 16gb. But even still, it should not be that bad with 8.
I would hope that they don't actually put out a TV unit rather than a box you attach.  Based on the upgrade cycle for Apple products you can expect an upgraded model on a pretty standard basis at least every 1-2 years.  TV's are long term devices that people generally keep until the device dies.  Given that the market while potentially huge would be somewhat limited in scope when it comes to future upgrades.
New Posts  All Forums: