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I find it interesting that everyone, or a vast majority of people find it necessary to pick this product apart solely for the fact that it doesn't have an image of a piece of fruit on the front.  How about for once develop a positive outlook and recognize the hard work that a lot of people probably put into it and wish them luck?  If it sucks, it'll fail and you all will be right.  At the very least it'll force Apple/Sony etc to maybe try to continue innovating as...
If the actual product and games meet the expectations they set in the presentation I watched today, it'll basically change the console business (IE kill everyone else) in one swoop.  Video conferencing -Ala Skype, motion control, Cable box integration, Voice Control, Blue Ray etc..  It quite simply will leave everyone in the dust.  The graphics they demoed the new version of Call of Duty were simply amazing.  The thing isn't a gaming console, it's a PC that acts like a...
Where is apple tv traffic, itunes?
How does this compare to Skydrive? I've been using the crap out of it for the last 3 months and it has to be the most seamless experience I've had from any of the cloud based services. I sync between my iMac, iPad, iPhone and work computer with literally no interaction whatsoever on my part beyond the initial setup. And no, this isn't a paid (or free) promotional announcement, M$ actually seems to have their shit together when it comes to cloud storage.
Have to agree.  I would love the ability to have two profiles or whatever on the same device.
We use Good on both IOS and Android, while it's not the most stable platform it also separates user data from personal data, so the article isn't factual.  Licensing aside, as an enterprise customer I would be hesitant at this point in time to buy anything Blackberry related as the companies long term survival is suspect.  Don't get me wrong, I hope they prosper, but I wouldn't want to sink $100k (or whatever) into a solution only to have the company go out of business...
Dear Firefox,     Ok.   Thanks,   IPhone Users
Not siding with anyone here, just a comment.   I would think that adding a small browser to the desktop JUST to download another browser if someone wants to actually would make it HARDER on the consumer than if IE is installed by default.  How many people here have had to help Mom, Grandma (etc) with installing software in the past?  I can also say from my experiences in IT, that age doesn't really matter as I've dealt with plenty of people of all age ranges that truly...
The price point is horrible if they want to actually break into the consumer space. For considerably less you can pick up a mid-range win8 laptop or an Air.
It was Microsoft's answer to the IPod, and despite all the hate, a really good music player.  It was actually leaps beyond even what Apple and anyone else had out at the time.  It obviously never caught on.    
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