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  Sorry man, the only gaming I do is WOW on the Mac client.    All humor about 'snappiness' aside, windows does seem a bit quicker and there are a couple of nice features they've added.  There's a bug being reported in their forums which I'm also experiancing where you can't seem to type in coherence mode in Windows 7, Windows 8 doesn't have the problem.  You might want to wait a couple of days for them to patch that before installing if you work in coherence a lot.  I do...
Ok, well here's a problem.   It seems that you can't actually type in a coherence window in windows 7..  Looks like it's just in Windows 7, windows 8 works just fine.     Guys at Parallels?  Really?    
BTW - here is the knowledge base article with the list of changes  http://kb.parallels.com/en/114669   I have it running, the only thing I've run across so far that doesn't seem to be working right is dictation.  When I hit FN twice to start dictating in Outlook, I just get the beep you get in OS X when you try to start dictation but a input window (like an email) doesn't have focus.   Besides that, things do seem snappier.  :P   But it's only been 10 min or...
  FYI - I took the plunge and installed it, they have 'experimental' DX10 support.  
  It sounds like there's something wrong with your install, that's always worked and I use Parallels in coherence 9+ hours a day for work.  In fact nothing you mentioned is an issue for me.   The only issue I have is since ML came out, switching between open windows became a little weird, sometimes they actually are brought into focus and sometimes they are not.  I'm willing to pay the $50 upgrade tax just to get rid of that!    
  Reset your PRAM.  I had the slowness on two of my systems and that fixed it.      Note http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1379      
  Mountain Lion SP 1 - coming to an IMac near you.  
  From the web page:   AT&T Mobile Share plans include a monthly data charge plus a monthly charge for each device you add up to a total of 10 devices. At least one smartphone is required to be part of each AT&T Mobile Share group. Includes Unlimited Talk & Text for all phones, FREE Mobile Hotspot for capable smartphones, and no roaming or long distance charges...
  Netflix content has been going down the tubes the last few months.  I didn't count, but it looked like they added a whole 1 or 2 new releases last month (I'm probably wrong on that) and some old TV content and older movies.  I haven't seen anything newer come along that looks remotely interesting in a while.   However Breaking Bad is a pretty good show, I've been working thru all the back seasons since last week!    
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