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  Yes I have (and do).  I feel your pain.
Unlike before?
  Not only does it make sense, it shows the judge as being quite (QUITE) sharp.  He also seems to have a pretty damn good grasp of what's going on technology wise.   He's also got a pretty good sense of humor, which is apparent in several places   My favorite part:      But there is no evidence that he is the only engineer who is familiar with computer hardware (or software) that duplicates the functionality of the ‘263. So again imagine this imaginary conversation...
  Agreed - I would assume that a lot of people have a mix of technologies in their homes.  I know I have an XBOX, a Windows Home Server and then Apple products like an IPad, Apple TV and a couple of MacBooks.  It'd be nice to have the content available on all devices rather than be locked down to Apple or M$.
Obviously you don't actually use the IWork suite.   Or more correctly - You've never used Office and then tried to do the same tasks in an IWork application.  Apple is good at hardware and operating systems, but Office is the king when it comes to business use.  As a Mac convert I'm not playing the 'their OS is better then your OS" game, but in office applications there is no competition, open source or by Apple.  Not to the business user at least.   And for the guy who...
    Slow news day.
This is a free service - how can they sue over something that's free?
Actually given a choice when trust comes into play I would have to side in this order:     Apple MS Dropbox Google   Apple and MS make it to the top as they are paid services that don't rely on advertising.  I know DB doesn't as well, but 'free' isn't always free, I don't care what they say.     Google has gone from Don't be evil to Don't appear evil (or AKA settle out of court).  I believe that they have inserted themselves into our lives via search quite enough.  The...
  While I find Zuckerburg to be a weinie, I doubt he's done a lot of foolish things and gotten to where he is in life.  I would say it's a calculated move, I don't know what for, but I doubt he'd drop a billion on something he didn't see a value in.
I tend to agree.  While I understand them wanting to herd us into using their apps, thus increasing revenue the fact that nothing but Apple products sync with ICloud is annoying at the very least.  In the day of multiple cloud storage options you would think that making the service more iDisk-like would be a no brainer.   BTW - Skydrive seems to be a really good option here.  I got an automatic 25gb as a previous user, which honestly you can't beat.  
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