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They probably do..   and don't call me Shirley.
They're close to making me a Fusion convert if they didn't fix Coherence yet with this update.
BAH - I was really jazzed to hear we'd be getting office apps and was willing to pay for them. However subscription based services tend to be much more expensive in the long run than the app itself unless the recurring costs are below $1/Month/App. Right now the online pricing for Office 365 is $4/month. While $48/Year isn't a lot of money it's still a recurring cost and you don't 'own' the app, you're just renting. However access to Sharepoint online from the iPad...
  Sorry man, the only gaming I do is WOW on the Mac client.    All humor about 'snappiness' aside, windows does seem a bit quicker and there are a couple of nice features they've added.  There's a bug being reported in their forums which I'm also experiancing where you can't seem to type in coherence mode in Windows 7, Windows 8 doesn't have the problem.  You might want to wait a couple of days for them to patch that before installing if you work in coherence a lot.  I do...
Ok, well here's a problem.   It seems that you can't actually type in a coherence window in windows 7..  Looks like it's just in Windows 7, windows 8 works just fine.     Guys at Parallels?  Really?    
BTW - here is the knowledge base article with the list of changes  http://kb.parallels.com/en/114669   I have it running, the only thing I've run across so far that doesn't seem to be working right is dictation.  When I hit FN twice to start dictating in Outlook, I just get the beep you get in OS X when you try to start dictation but a input window (like an email) doesn't have focus.   Besides that, things do seem snappier.  :P   But it's only been 10 min or...
  FYI - I took the plunge and installed it, they have 'experimental' DX10 support.  
  It sounds like there's something wrong with your install, that's always worked and I use Parallels in coherence 9+ hours a day for work.  In fact nothing you mentioned is an issue for me.   The only issue I have is since ML came out, switching between open windows became a little weird, sometimes they actually are brought into focus and sometimes they are not.  I'm willing to pay the $50 upgrade tax just to get rid of that!    
  Reset your PRAM.  I had the slowness on two of my systems and that fixed it.      Note http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1379      
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