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My original point was a sarcastic response to your comment about them being shitty if they would not including a USB 3 port. "your point?" inferred that yes, I think they would do it. I would sincerely hope that I'm wrong, but USB 3 is somewhat of a competitor to TB. And my apologies, my intent was to be a smart ass, not to start a flame war.
Your point???To be less factious, I think Apple or the article write loses the point of the PRO line. It's for professionals, not for kids reading facebook in bed. If you're going to aim a hardware line and spec it for people who want to do more than browse the web, don't discard functionality for style. Optical is dead or mostly and I'd gladly live with a USB DVD drive for all the times I've used it, but when I'm throwing around multi-gig files on a network I don't...
I need a gig ethernet port on a pro, just saying Apple.
What loses? They'll be getting a $4 Billion check from AT&T for their time and trouble. I'd say that some people will be getting a bonus. However as an AT&T customer, I suspect I am going to see a rate increase in my future.
As a Samsung Galaxy S owner who drank the cool-aid, switch from an iPhone to a Samsung and is now impatiently waiting for his contract to end so I can go back to an iPhone, I fully support your statement.
Am I being overly cheap by thinking that's way to expensive for a phone I'll use for maybe 2 years tops before I upgrade to the next best thing that they put out? I think they could make a good amount of money if they sell them at price points that are more aligned with their cost plus a price point, not a (guessing) 300 - 400% markup.
While I like the concept of storing all my data in the cloud, I worry that once we start becoming dependent on doing so that our ISP's will move to capping the amount of data we use in a month. This is already practice in other countries in the US, and several ISP's here (Comcast, TWC) have already tried it. The mobile operators have already basically en masse moved to it, it's only a matter of time until the major ISP's attempt to do the same in earnest.
I have the same number of phones and a 1400min plan and we did the same thing. We currently have over 10k min in our roll over due to it.
What we need right now is another cabling standard (like I need another hole in my head). How about this: We standardize on a cabling standard for power.. say.. Micro USB, and then we use whatever power adaptor we want from there on out. For sync? how about BT or Wifi (which is coming I know) or if they really want to crazy, powerline. That way Apple can have their really expensive power bricks and we can have connectivity to all the devices in the house.
I would recommend. I found (on my late 2008 8GB MBP) a noticeable performance increase on Win7 machines which i believe to be worth the cost all by itself.
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