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This is a free service - how can they sue over something that's free?
Actually given a choice when trust comes into play I would have to side in this order:     Apple MS Dropbox Google   Apple and MS make it to the top as they are paid services that don't rely on advertising.  I know DB doesn't as well, but 'free' isn't always free, I don't care what they say.     Google has gone from Don't be evil to Don't appear evil (or AKA settle out of court).  I believe that they have inserted themselves into our lives via search quite enough.  The...
  While I find Zuckerburg to be a weinie, I doubt he's done a lot of foolish things and gotten to where he is in life.  I would say it's a calculated move, I don't know what for, but I doubt he'd drop a billion on something he didn't see a value in.
I tend to agree.  While I understand them wanting to herd us into using their apps, thus increasing revenue the fact that nothing but Apple products sync with ICloud is annoying at the very least.  In the day of multiple cloud storage options you would think that making the service more iDisk-like would be a no brainer.   BTW - Skydrive seems to be a really good option here.  I got an automatic 25gb as a previous user, which honestly you can't beat.  
Maybe it's a TV that makes coffee? That would be revolutionary!
As an iPhone turned Android turned iPhone user I beg to differ. The Android phones while cool and all the are also rife with platform fragmentation, low end devices trying to do everything a high end device does and security issues. This isn't even mentioning the stuff the carriers put on them. My experience was bad enough for me to change back to an iPhone as I wanted a phone I didn't have screw around with and reboot twice a day to get it to work. While I'm a...
My original point was a sarcastic response to your comment about them being shitty if they would not including a USB 3 port. "your point?" inferred that yes, I think they would do it. I would sincerely hope that I'm wrong, but USB 3 is somewhat of a competitor to TB. And my apologies, my intent was to be a smart ass, not to start a flame war.
Your point???To be less factious, I think Apple or the article write loses the point of the PRO line. It's for professionals, not for kids reading facebook in bed. If you're going to aim a hardware line and spec it for people who want to do more than browse the web, don't discard functionality for style. Optical is dead or mostly and I'd gladly live with a USB DVD drive for all the times I've used it, but when I'm throwing around multi-gig files on a network I don't...
I need a gig ethernet port on a pro, just saying Apple.
What loses? They'll be getting a $4 Billion check from AT&T for their time and trouble. I'd say that some people will be getting a bonus. However as an AT&T customer, I suspect I am going to see a rate increase in my future.
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