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NFC is dangerous?  It might have an adoption rate of zero in a place like new jersey but in other places the banks don't see it as insecure and dangerous which can be seen by the hundreds of thousands of terminals and retailers that are using the technology.   Given all the banks are issuing cards with NFC in it by default this shows that they accept it as a valid, secure enough payment solution because they are backing it with real money.
Passbook would be better with NFC in it. Why? Because it doesn't replace it. Those of us in places with widespread NFC know that scanning a radio signal is much faster than reading a barcode which is old tech. It seems that the reluctance of parts of US retail and transport and banks to invest in NFC has the effect of holding passbook and the progress of its application back.
We need an article to compare what is available on what platform.
Airport Express has speaker out as well and as long as ipad/itunes can connect that should work too.
It is Sprint that made the claim that the telco market in the the US is innovative. It is not. In competitive markets there is an obvious and intensive process of working to win customers that goes beyond consolidation.
The industry just won’t be as innovative and as dynamic as it has been Considering its far from the most dynamic or innovative telco market in the world there is lots of room for improvement from that position. That improvement comes about from an intensive process of the companies working to win and service new and existing customers.
Fortunately when apple bought siri they recognise that we all work differently.
This is an interesting idea. I've seen this revenue share approach in other areas and seems to suit most parties.
Can anyone say how it runs on the specifications that they've said it needs?
Isn't that exactly the idea here? It is all available from the cloud, not your home PC, so my understanding is that once its done the inital scan all the songs are available to you on the phone and with your computer off because the songs are coming from their data center.
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