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It's kind of stunning that even standing next to the large, flat, thin, glossy, high-res screen of an iMac, that old beige Macintosh with it's cute disk-drive slot looking like a talking grin still steals the show and conveys way more human touch and personality.
Didn't Apple swiftly discontinuing their first best-selling iPod mini after a year? Which by the way was also the first model in that family offered in a rainbow palette of colors. So actually it wouldn't be unorthodox for Apple to do the same to the 5C.
And now accessory makers are creating cases for the iPhone 5's that add-on extra storage,
Did the Wish List finally get updated to sync across iTunes and Apple TV?
Apple could use this as a visual promo for their new iPhone screen repair service in stores! The extremely cold weather and winds this season would push the limits on any glass structure.
I would be disappointed if Tim Cook decided that the major form factor change for the iPhone 6 should be just a bigger screen. I know Jony was busy designing iOS 7, Mac Pros and Leicas, but lord help us if no new thinking was done for iPhone hardware.
Makes me think Google is more interested in Fadell for his hardware talent more than just Nest products. As long as Google doesn't plan on collecting Street Views of the inside of people's homes.
What a cute photo %u2013 with people using flip phones and point-and-shoot cameras to capture the iPhone display.
My only regret for that presentation was the closing musician, John Mayer. Really? Thinking on how revolutionary iPhone would be, and John Mayer has to be the musical ambassador we remember (or don't remember) - sigh. I guess at the time it easily seemed like he could end up being one of those timeless artists/songwriters on the level of a Norah Jones, Adele, etc. But alas...
Standing clap!
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