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I think the Samsung executive Stinziano is just as much at fault! It's his company, his product's presentation, and the fact that all he could do was throw questions at Bay instead of stall a little longer to give Bay time to adjust shows his lack of skills as well. When you're co-star goes blank, you vamp to give them time to catch their breath - not just keep throwing questions at them.
Or consider the new patent Apple filed for a laser projector display device %u2013 the experiences that a 64-bit chip affords to Apple spans all of their mini-devices. Not only does Apple skate to where the puck will be, but it's "their" own puck, which in this case seems to be ahead of everyone else's puck to begin with.
Apple loves making fixed physical interfaces obsolete Replace the keypad with a dynamic touchscreen as input. Now replace the visual output screen with a more portable and dynamic laser output. Add to this, the physical sensors Apple already leverages, and you'd have a device that could do a fairly decent job of altering the image to be level and in focus relative to the wall it's pointing at.
Someone forgot to close their html tag?
As much as I'd love to jump on this bandwagon because I despise Excel, I have to admit the ad does not depict an error. To conclude that it was an error would mean you have to assume the Total cell was a formula cell that would automatically calculate a new total for the added $500 item. Nothing in the screenshot indicates that it is a formula, and as a matterof fact the interface indicates that the user just finished added the $500 item and we might manually re-calculate...
If the students have learned to stay away from HP/Microsoft-quality devices for the rest of their educational careers - then perhaps it was a good lesson worth the cost. I think the school would say no one is to blame because 1) they don't want to hurt their chances with future deals from HP/Microsoft and 2) they would have to admit they were also to blame for making the choice to begin with.
sennen: don't waste your breath on the mauszes of the world. mausz probably already knows the points you're making, but decided to post such a comment anyway. Which is exactly the reason why people like FreeRange (and myself) explicitly thank Steve Jobs for his contributions through Apple. Because if technology were left to people who think like mausz, I'd bet mainstream computing would still be stuck in the uninspired, overbloated, frankenstein-model it was before Apple...
Is only Apple left to hold up the American economy almost single-handedly now?
Now Google just needs to invent a waiver form that pops up out of thin air in every public space %u2013 privacy issue solved! Better yet, instead of saying "cheeeese" for a photo, people could say "Gooooogle" and Glass could apply the auto-blur technology that Maps uses, to any face in a video/photo that didn't say "Google"
Basically they're saying you should have considered filing in Europe as important as filing in the US? Following their logic... if Apple's patent filing in the US can't be considered a valid effort to assert ownership in Europe or at least extend the grace period for a European filing, then a demo presented in the US for a product initially launched in the US exclusively, shouldn't invalidate a European filing.
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