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I'm not sure I understand the Oppenheimer analyst's comments about handset seasonality and Apple's March numbers - when the chart also shows Blackberry March sales consistently outperforming December-holiday sales. Or am I reading that wrong?
This is where the credibility of this leak - if not the design-savvy of Gizmodo - falls apart. It's as if they're attempting to explain-away the very thing that points to the fakeness of the device. First of all, Apple's line of handhelds (iPods and iPhones) have never fully mimicked their computers' form.Secondly, you can't argue the iPhone 3GS is out of place if both the iMac and the iPad currently have curved backs (which can be aluminium since they don't require a...
So this cool hip new studio that holds ALL these kids' photos, videos, emails, text messages, etc. is going to run in the same Microsoft cloud service that lost all the data of Sidekick users last year?? HAhaha!
That's like hoping a free scientific calculator would appeal to people more than a $99 iPod Touch. If you only care about dedicating lots of time to advanced equations and having a battery that lasts really long (plus the added benefit of solar-power) then, and only then, would the thought seem even remotely appealing.
It's not interesting Mr. Bronfman. It's common sense! An entire book is more complex than a track of music idiot. Of course the pricing model should be equally more complex. these music executives keep finding new ways to prove their incompetence. One could also make the argument that the book industry has done a better job of leveraging the value of their content creators - authors - as opposed to the machine of the music industry which has pretty much turned most...
I think the case/stand that Apple is selling makes a video-conference camera easy to imagine. And for shorter clips, size/weight can actually improve image stabilization in your hand. Devices that match the size of your hand actually pickup the slight jitters in your hand and finger muscles a lot more than something with enough size/weight to absorb those jitters. And most of the time I hold my iPhone with two hands in horizontal mode when shooting video anyway. It may not...
It's true that the iPhone owes much of it success to the apps; but that's the iPad's biggest problem. The most important/popular apps on the iPhone - Phone, MMS, and Camera - aren't on the iPad.
Who at Apple got away with creating AND approving such a cheesy icon?
I've been playing with the Gallery a lot this past week and just thinking about having this utility. But the dumb thing (at least dumb by Apple standards) is why keep it separate from the Photos app? MobileMe Mail is included with the iPhone Mail app; MobileMe Calendar is included with the iPhone Calendar app. And there's a separate iDisk app too. Seems very clumsy by Apple's standards.
"1984" is probably the best username I've seen in a while! Congrats.
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