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So true! The CES tablet unveilings totally feel like the kind of preemptive strike that you see in the movies when the United States military decides to attack some powerful UFO hopeful that unloading every Poseidon nuclear warhead in our arsenal will result in triumphant victory. Only for the dust to clear and see the UFO still just hovering completely unscratched; at which point the UFO opens its main hatch as a glowing beam powers up inside and our big-bad military...
Personally I have always been against using a flash in low-light for casual snapshots. I think it's rude and annoying to be in a warmly low-lit area and all of a sudden someone blasts off a strobing bright camera flash, over and over and over again. That's one person ruining the mood for the entire room. Not to mention, most of those pictures end up being ugly and unflattering pictures to look at. My rule of thumb - if your camera isn't good enough to capture enough...
How about investigating a patent for me being able to adjust the brightness on my 24" iMac more than 10% ???
An electromagnetic barrier may solve the problem of photosensors distinguishing between a user's finger and shadows. But it probably doesn't solve the problem of distinguishing between a finger and other solid objects, such as a shirt sleeve or inner pocket?
I don't think it's wise to assume that the display would cost $50. Considering how Apple usually changes the paradigm of interfaces, it's probably not a safe bet to assume the display will be a standard plate of glass like everyone else is using. When the rumors first started for Apple's tablet project, the biggest difference between it and the iPhone's initial buzz was the smartphone market had a large selection of crap for the iPhone to outshine and embarrass. That...
I think the Google phone will be more competition for Droid and other Android platform phones than the Apple iPhone and App store. So no matter what people say about the "openness" of the Android platform and the multitude of devices that will run it, the more the merrier as far as Apple is concerned. It just helps divide the market more easily for Apple to keep conquering.Apple sorta gets to relive the argument for "those who care about software also do the hardware"...
As much as the iPhone blows it away, you have to admit that the RAZR is nothing short of miraculous to STILL be such a widely popular phone.
Not only do they stream music on a commercial-free platform, but Apple could be interested in Lala for their social-networking features as well.
Sort of reminds me of the ads against President Obama during McCain's campaign that compared candidate Obama to the superficial celebrity Britney Spears type. That worked out really well for McCain didn't it?
There is no way that AT&T (or Apple) should have underestimated the popularity of the iPhone and the strain it would cause on the EDGE or 3G networks. AT&T accepted terms from Apple that no wireless carrier would've at that time without expectation of a revolutionary market opportunity. So while I can understand the shock that an iPhone revolution could cause for a network, I don't for one second believe it was not expected and therefore potentially avoidable.
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