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This seems like the weakest and most error prone of all the iTunes updates. It seems that Apple got caught rushing out a product and software refresh before they were ready; i.e., iTunes interface missteps; iTunes LP download problems; syncing problems; the iPod Touch not getting a camera, and the iPod nano getting a camera but only video.
Unfortunately, my iTunes 9 keeps getting an error with every attempt to download iTunes LP content. So good luck with that Tyrese.
I wonder if such a patent opens up the potential for some other usage unrelated to actual theft that would be more valuable to Apple. Or perhaps they're just defining the feature in a way that prevents other manufacturers from exploiting their own accelerometer technology?
I generally support the design changes in the new version of iTunes, BUT: 1) Please put the Shopping Cart or "Wish List" back in the main left column for the Store section 2) I wish you hadn't removed the resize slider for the thumbnail view. 3) The all white background is not appealing at all; especially in a large screen environment. It makes me wish it had the same adjustable background color that iPhoto has. 4) The banner graphic you've created for their "Social...
I don't like that the Shopping Cart was removed from the Store section in the main left column. This whole "Wish List" thing buried in the profile/account drop-down without any easy access or preferences to manage it is not cool. I'll get used to it, but such an unfriendly change wasn't necessary.
This presentation felt almost silly. They put a video camera on it but not a photo camera? Does that seem dumb - or is that just me?
Looks like AI has either taken a break from posting photos? Or maybe there's an upload lag?
Justin Long (I'm a Mac), and John Hodgman (I'm a PC) weren't on set, then it's fair to say that it wasn't a Mac ad. Come to think of it, I can't think of the last time Apple ran an ad for any of their products that took place in a real-world environment other than when the iPhone first launched. Maybe they weren't shooting for a tv spot, maybe it was for a promo video for the product launch?
I can see Apple's legal team just drooling to really sink their teeth into this lawsuit now.
That's what it's worth. it's half the device/platform that iPod Touch is
New Posts  All Forums: