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I really must say thank you to Android for creating a platform that because of its volume attracts the most malware attention. Sort of like the larger planets beyond Earth protecting Earth from meteor collisions when the Milky Way was forming. Android is also bringing the iPhone back to a device of knowledgable selectiveness instead of being surrounded by people just buying an iPhone to look cool %u2013 another welcome result.
I'm guessing we can safely bet this would NEVER have happened with Steve Jobs still in control of Apple.
I think this perfectly sums up Google!!!
We won't force you to have the same operating system on all your devices, but we will force you to use a device unlike other beloved hobbies that can work as a standalone piece for your TV. And we will force you to stick it behind your TV panel putting it in probably the least optimal position for a good WiFi signal. "Google %u2013 Everything you love about Apple %u2013 just lesser quality."
I hope Apple doesn't seriously let the pursuit of specific numerical goals drive their decision-making. I would guess Apple could attribute most of their success to pursuing specific human-benchmarks and the numerical volume follows as a side-effect. Stick to that Mr. Cook.
Mind you, Apple's recent iPhone commercial shows a person reaching out from their shower to answer their iPhone
You mean people across the nation don't really want a tablet that inspires them to have breakdance and dubstep meetings in their conference rooms??! Shocking.
Police believe the thief has a sense of humor since the phone login ID says "JK Shin".
YESSSS! Hidden timestamps for each message bubble. This is probably my top enhancement I've been waiting for.
Nice Malm dresser from Ikea in the Camera app screenshot. I know that dresser anywhere.
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