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If the NSA were copying ALL (rather than a narrow range) of our data and communications over an extended period of times across basically every popular service Americans and international customers use, wouldn't they need a server/storage facility that would be one of the largest storage facilities ever built? Roughly it would need to be the combined equivalent of the all the storage facilities those companies have built, right?
What occurs to me is that all the Internet browsing and services we use from Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. come to us through a cell carrier or broadband provider anyway. So I wonder what's the relevance of specifying participation by companies like Google or Apple or Facebook, when all the data for their customers has to pass through the same pipes owned by AT&T, Verizon, etc.? Is it because after scooping up all the data, the government then has to request specific...
The Safari navigation icons immediately struck me as half-baked (especially the Share icon that looks more appropriate for an elevator) and no where near a design language that Jony Ive would let out of Cupertino.
How appropriate that Mac OS X has been renamed to Mavericks. And Apple is lighting-up the Google Trends display today... "AAPL", "iOS 7", "Mac Pro", "MacRumors"
The font style for the "7" and "X" are a dramatic departure from previous years. So is the font for "WWDC" so maybe it isn't a signal of anything beyond signage design %u2013 but it certainly feels like it's trying to signal an overall change in UI aesthetics.
Why didn't we catch this before?! Notice the Forever 21 store in the background with the roman numerals; Apple used roman numerals for the WWDC logo because their announcing a partnership with Forever 21! Duh!! The Apple store photo is a great photo - the man in the foreground, the pigeon, the steamy smoke from the street vent and the cigarette that probably isn't lit.
True, iPads don't have multiple users on the system level (yet). But apps do.  And when I say "interface" I mean the interface of using keys and mouse pointers to navigate ugly complicated forms vs. a touch-optimized interface. And while web browsers are capable of rendering better UI design than is currently being deployed, I think a well-executed UI on a touchscreen interface would still be more efficient and user-friendly for quick data collection and...
Sounds awesome, but would this pill transmit data wirelessly through the membranes of our bodies? What are the health implications of that? Or maybe the pill would dissolve and the data it collected would transmit to a device when leaving our body - either as evaporating sweat or other "emissions" :)
I would argue even replacing that single Windows terminal with a single iPad dedicated to a room would be an improvement. The iOS touch interface is far quicker and more informative than the archaic interfaces I've seen running on most of those Windows terminals. If the Windows terminals were running some amazing cutting-edge software that required a desktop environment, that would be different. But I constantly see nurses and techs confusing themselves trying to jump...
I think this shows exactly the complexity of trying to support a healthy market simultaneously with healthy workers' rights! Apple devices out of Foxconn probably have some of the highest margins in the entire market. So if Foxconn is claiming their profits from supplying Apple are declining, I would guess they're really referring to the cost of labor standards that Apple is forcing them to address. The fact that Foxconn thinks it can claim more profit from building a...
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