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Take notes Samsung, Microsoft %u2013 this is how you do an ad that people actually care about! Google has tried to copy this approach, but unfortunately they don't make an actual product yet that people care about.
Classic Microsoft, copy an Apple concept but execute it worse. These ads are a feeble copycat of the "I'm a Mac" ads Apple created. The Apple commercials featured two people with clever personalities. Not once did Apple show any Windows products or features in the ads. But in Microsoft's defense, using actors to represent an iPad and Windows tablet would be even harder to pull off given their lack of creativity.
I never thought I would think of Mitt Romney when I think of Tim Cook
Apple has the 50 Billion Apps Thank You message already on their homepage (behind the current carousel images).
Newsflash: Google Maps are NOT always "accurate" sir. Geeze. It's one thing to tout your improvements, it's another thing to start spouting exaggerated kool-aid everywhere.
Running out of arrows in your quiver Amazon? And a coin design borrowing the theme of Katniss from Hunger Games isn't infringement? Or maybe it's a subtle book/movie promotion.
I wonder what happens to Android as manufacturers become more comfortable with customizing a platform on their own? As Samsung, Blackberry, and Microsoft are starting to demonstrate. Google is losing any advantage they initially had in Android being associated with their brand and the concept of "freedom of choice". Apple maybe knows what they're talking about when they talk about controlling both the software hardware experience?
If the Galaxy allowed you to remove some of the pre-installed apps, that would be reasonable %u2013 but I'm guessing that's also not an option. Hey, but the 50% larger screen makes up for having 50% less apps, right?
Maybe they went with roman numerals because Mac OS X is a roman numeral version number, so maybe it's a clue about iOS integration/merging with OS X?
I think the logo is a clue related to a future WWDC in the year 2600, because that would be the actual reflection...  
New Posts  All Forums: