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I think the logo is a hint for a future WWDC in the year 2600...
Or it could be a component for an iPhone knock-off. Those components would be very similar in construction too right?
Your screenshot above exhibits exactly the BS that Google gets excused for too often. Just from looking at your screenshot I searched "Beaver Stadium, Curtin Rd" on Google maps and got nothing! I entered "E Park Ave, Bigler Rd" exactly as it appears in their own map graphic and again zilch "No results"! Entering the same text in Apple Maps brings me to the correct stadium and campus location both times. The Google map inaccurately shows too large of a green section as...
If you're going to be fired by anyone, I would think JCPenney falls into the not-a-problem category. Who would have a problem saying "A stale, loosely-defined, bargain store brand didn't think I was a good fit"?
For me pass/fail comes down to one thing for these experiences... the anti-theft cables and locks. Something as simple as holding a phone with a giant plastic anchor thicker than the phone itself or a pulley constantly pulling the phone back, ruins that first impression of handling the device. Years after Apple launched it's own stores, it still does a better job with those little details than its competitors.
I'm going to venture that "launch" in the case of both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 refers to their launch events -  not the sale release date
Anybody cooool enough knows that Galaxy S4 owners are raving about their new device in mini-broadway shows instead of on Twitter. Duh. Twitter and the iPhone are soooo off-Broadway.
The lack of women in Apple's top executives is a shame!
I would say when you're talking about a device that has to live in your hand and gets knocked around in pockets, bags, on tables, sat on, dropped, etc., I think it's completely reasonable (if not absolute) to conclude a plastic casing is less refined than a uni-body aluminum casing.
This is a huge indicator that Apple HDTV is on its way soon.
New Posts  All Forums: