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And it's not even really good glitter and gloss. This is a perfect example of why Apple is #1 in brand popularity with Samsung way behind. Apple's philosophy is when you do something big, you should do it magnificently! Samsung's mime jazz dancers with a cardboard box are just like their phones %u2013 copies, uninspiring, no soul, forgettable, forgotten.
If it's 3 years for consumer products, that means about 1 year for an Apple product, since Apple is usually ahead of the market by a couple years. And why would big companies have that much difficulty working with spools of glass? Haven't other manufacturers been dealing with spools of plastic and metal for similar uses for decades?
Isn't there a saying about trying to remove a speck from someone's eye while you have a plank in your own eye? Brin is taking that saying to a literal level now. It's funny how inept other CEO's at framing new technology in way that can connect to people? Steve jobs was a master at it. But Brin ends up just sounding like a condescending nerd. It's a fine line between criticizing the shortcomings of technology and criticizing people's choices of technology. Is he really...
  I visualized the exact same thing when I read that statement :) In my version I imagine them pulling up to secret building in their Porsches in complete silence; walking into a showroom of various technologies and just looking at them while throwing knowing glances back and forth to each other.
Apparently one of their new technologies are secret buttons they can press to instantly boost their market share above everyone else.
I think the biggest news here is that Apple has built buttons for achieving market dominance?? How did we miss this in their patent filings? Tim Cook's iPhone must have a special market dominance app.
Being able to add text makes this a serious app to consider over Snapseed or iPhoto.
What's good about the ad is you don't have to know the Apple version to get the same impact of "Cool feature blown away by WAY COOLER feature."
Actually it was Apple's momentum that begged an answer from Samsung. Samsung finally came up with some worthy devices. But that doesn't mean Apple has to "respond". I think a more appropriate analysis would be %u2013 Where is Apple's next gamechanger that Samsung will need to answer anew. Or what is Samsung's gamechanger to beg an answer from Apple. Because while their new phones are great, none of Samsung's phones are "gamechangers" the way the iPhone was.
Enough of the Google Maps is always right mess. Google Maps is frequently wrong. Addresses are frequently numbered wrong. I just googled my childhood apartment on Herkimer street in Brooklyn - and it's still wrong. Subways are also frequently mislabeled or outdated. It's actually quite sad to see how frequently my friends end up in the wrong place and assume they've done something wrong because they accept Google Maps as law. Last week my wife and I were out on a stormy...
New Posts  All Forums: