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Firing their iOS executives is looking like an even better decision now!
Toughen up WSJ reporter - take a hard pill. "kick, swat and push"? Hey, that's no different than what happens at the bottom of an NFL tackle pile. If the security doesn't see it openly, no harm no foul
If the building sign didn't include the word "The" it would be a clever tribute to just have "Steve Jobs Building".
The first thing I think of when I look at that Surface tablets is, why on earth would I want to work in an environment immersed in garish colors (magenta, turquoise, etc.). Microsoft seems to go out of their way to prove Steve Jobs' observation correct %u2013 they are sorely lacking in their sense of taste.
No doubt Consumer Reports will be branded a blatant Apple-lackey for not falling in line with all the other complainers!
I wish I had all the errors with the new Maps so I could join in on the fun, but alas... Apple Maps has been great to me. And I just got back from a trip to upstate NY through a few small towns. I updated my 3GS (yup) without thinking I was potentially screwing myself %u2013 like most others I expected Apple Maps would be great. And guess what? It did. I found myself zipping through the maps quickly orienting myself with roads I had never been on before. Not once was I...
This is an example of how easily people accept Google results as law. Over the years I have found Google's Maps for iOS to be highly flawed (in NYC) for a mapping service that has been around so long. So most of the fervent criticism of Apple Maps struck me as spoiled rhetoric %u2013 which will always be Apple's problem because they consistently raise the bar so high that people expect perfection from them. I don't want to diminish the real mistakes in Apple Maps, but I...
Normally I would think these kind of interface solutions are more a matter of combining function and sophisticated styling less than something unique to patent. But then again, an artist can write a song which is basically a combining of pre-existing melody segments and chord progressions and copyright it to receive royalties if anyone else copies it too closely for profit. Additionally, I think the majority of mobile device interfaces prior to iPhone were so lacking in...
  I have to agree with you. Sure the Geniuses are great, but they should be left as a benefit experienced, not advertised. For a company whose pillars are simplicity and "it just works" it's foolish to spotlight an employee whose primary role is to help you because something is confusing or something went wrong. These ads were a self-inflicted wound that Apple can absorb once or twice, but heaven help them if Tim doesn't know how to prevent from making this kind of...
I know we're not supposed to compare Steve to Tim, but I think it's safe to say these ads are the best example of something Steve Jobs probably would have rejected!
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