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Yes, OTA exchange syncing. That would be the ideal solution, however, when those options are tried, the synced data is erased. So I need to park the calendar data somewhere, then turn off OTA sync and then reload. I just can't find a program to pull off the calendar data. There are many to do this with contacts but frustratingly none for calendar.
Good idea, I will look into cracking the backup file. Your suspicions are probably true though, the file may be tough to access. Thanks for idea.
Well I couldn't escape the axe forever and just got canned. I've been using an iphone via exchange for contacts and calendar. I was able to get my contacts synced to google contacts with an iphone app. Unfortunately there isn't one to do the same thing for the calendar. Google sync relies on the desktop and erases the iphone and then syncs. iTunes just says that contacts and calendar are syncing via exhange and won't let me mess with them. Anyone have a...
New Posts  All Forums: