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Considering the number of hours I played Civ Rev 1 I think this is more than fair when you work out the dollar-hour ratio.
It would be handy to have a way of dumping out the messages in a text file or email (as WhatsApp allows) if the auto-delete is enabled. It would make searching back through them easier too.
When is the Samsung version coming out?
This is what Steve would have done. If he liked the design he'd pay for it.   I like the new clock, but then I bought a watch like this a year ago so I would like it. Guess it shows I must be cool if Apple decided to do the same thing as me
Ive isn't a management type though, he's done actual work and has actual skills.. We can do plenty of things well in Britain, just not management.  
The fact he was head of Dixon's wasn't even the first clue to why he was a bad choice. The fact he was a British manager was the first clue (and I speak as a Brit). British management is some of the worst in the world. Self-replicating, driven by making pointless changes to 'make their mark' and unnecessarily combatative with their staff they have driven British industry into the ground for decades.
I think the biggest source of grievance is because this is Apple and we expect better. Google are happy to throw garbage out the door before it's ready but we expect near perfection from Apple. Apple have been working on this for some time now and aren't short of money to throw at a problem so it should have been better than it is.
Apple staff used to be non-commissioned to avoid just this kind of thing, but maybe that's changed too.
Many people at the time said "what the hell is a Dixons guy doing at Apple?". Dixons were some of the worst shops you could ever imagine. I would have thought Steve would have called this guy a virgin and thrown him out.
Some might, but they wouldn't be very smart to do so. Probably the kind of dealer who'd believe a photocopier was a lie detector.
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