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"For its part, HTC officials said earlier this month they believe Apple would rather sue than compete "fairly in the market." " As opposed to HTC who would rather rip stuff off than compete fairly in the market.
Has he never seen one of the trillions of flame wars around the internet?
Apple always recognised that they needed to pay Nokia for these licenses (they are mainly to do with mobile phone technology Nokia developed with others well before Apple got into phones). The dispute was over the terms. Nokia were demanding larger royalties from Apple than from other manufacturers, so Apple threw their own patents back at Nokia. Now they've finally agreed terms, terms we'll probably never know.
It's not surprising. All these smartphones out there rely on the 'it's kinda like an iPhone, but cheaper' argument.
When it crashes you can't even CTRL-ALT-DELETE the thing either!
No no no. You've missed a bit. It's download an app, get a virus, download the fix, find out the fix is actually another virus, THEN return it.
You do realise we DID have a bloody revolution to get rid of them a few hundred years ago? Only trouble was within one generation they were back again.
We would if we could think of one.
No, it's changed the music habits of a subsection of people who work in media and kept money out of the hands of the artists.
I wouldn't put too much credence in the Daily Mail, it's far from a quality newspaper (search for Daily Mail headline generator) and most stories are based on substances either curing or causing cancer. It's more likely they've just copied the story from the other news outlets that already mentioned this.
New Posts  All Forums: