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Just think about it for a moment, it'll come to you.
surely with a PC you'd spend most of your time dealing with frivolous issues?
also, their website for arranging another delivery attempt didn't actually work (on any browser) so I had to call the premium rate number. Compared to the service we normally get from Royal Mail in the UK it was pretty damned awful.
It's not about early delivery, if they said it was 6AM, midday or 6PM I wouldn't mind, just so I know. Normally in this country you can request this kind of information if a signature is required, especially if they have already failed a delivery attempt.
UPS couldn't even get to me before 2pm with a previous Apple product. I called them up to ask to fix a time because I'd be at work and they said they couldn't do that, so I asked if they could try and deliver before 2pm (I was on late shift, not just lazy). They said they'd give it a go, and the time on the failed delivery slip was 3:30pm. In the end I had to go to the depot on some industrial estate on the edge of town and get it myself. Not exactly an impressive...
They're giving us OpenCL, Grand Central and 64 bit and some people are complaining about the wallpaper. You guys aren't doing us any favours against those who accuse Macs of being all show.
My parents aren't all that old and aren't exactly computer novices, they've been using them since 1986 and know what they're doing. It helps to be savvy, but it's not always enough.
Yeah, that'll be why my parents got a virus on their PC last month.
Surely there's massive anti-trust issues here?
I didn't get the beta because of the tabs on top, so I'm glad they're gone. I think they may have broken Apple's rules on HCI too.
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