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Huh? This is publicly released software not a beta.
If a person thinks that rich people are evil, their subconscious is likely to try and prevent them from becoming rich!   I'm all for helping people in need but I'd still like it to be, by the grace of God, a choice I make, not something that is taken from me or demanded of me by those in need.
I found Grubbers review but it had no photos. Can you please link to his photo with port covered?
The Australian site has preorders starting at 5:01PM Sydney time. This is equivalent to 12:01AM Pacifc. However, what is not clear is, will we be trying on watches all day on the 10th leading up to that time or will try on bookings only be available from that time. Either way it's very nice to know the time for this launch. iPhone 6 release time was not made clear which added unnecessary pressure to the whole day waiting for the pre-orders to start. To those asking, for...
Yes please iPhone Mini! 4" or 3.5". Maybe I will even go back to iPhone 5S when I have Apple Watch for Apple Pay. Apple, if you make a new smaller model, please don't leave the power button opposite the volume keys. Thanks!
Does anyone else have TV shows in the Videos app that are only grouped by season number and not grouped by the TV show first? This was fine in 8.1.3 but no good in 8.2, 8.3.
I need 240mm watch strap, Apple's go to 215mm. It is what it is. But the long wrist strap from the original Pebble well exceeds 240mm. Does Apple not want fat Apple geeks to get more active? So my options are: Put my wrist on a diet. (These things take time.) Punch an extra hole in a sport watch strap. Try and buy some extra links from someone who doesn't need them for their link bracelet. Go after market. The classic strap does not appear to have room for more...
I thought the Pebble smart strap idea was brilliant but I'll be a little disappointed if Apple didn't think of it first. Apple's smart strap connection - if that's what it is - is certainly in a more elegant position on the watch.
If this is Apple's most personal product ever, don't expect to personally like every ad you see for it.
This in the quarter where people ordered new iPhones and many waited weeks for them? 3rd rank would be a great result but what about this statement:   "All Apple orders tracked by StellaService were shipped within one business day."   So surely iPhones were not included in the orders they tracked.
New Posts  All Forums: