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iPad = same as iPhone. So the linked iPhone guide can fill you in.
"For example, opening an email on Apple Watch will invoke a Maps* icon with small Apple Watch glyph on Mac."   *I think you mean 'Mail' icon.
If they can't get enough money to run their business from the largest Kickstarter ever I.e Prodict sales (from their perspective) - then they are in real trouble. :/
Has Fortune found a way to get Apple to talk? I also didn't know what the release timeframe for HomeKit products was. Now we know.
I'm not able to paste the LLAP / Vulcan Salute into the Monogram text field.
Oh. It just seemed like you hadn't read this article or any article about the iPhone's capabilities.
You're the first one to mention Apple Pay so I'm not sure how you came to your conclusion.It has been possible to give and spend money using iPhones before Apple Pay was invented.
"They control iOS to give themselves a price advantage...". Ah, no. They control iOS because they created it. But a thought comes to mind, didn't Apple make a 15% agreement with HBO?
If they just sit on these things waiting for Apple to rack up revenue and then hope to claim part of that, they should forgo royalties on past revenue. I.E. Why did they take so long to file?
Hmm... No mention of a microphone for Siri use? Doesn't seem like a very good rumour to me.
New Posts  All Forums: