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Mike1, you can 'forget' those wifi networks that are getting in your way. And tell your phone not to offer you new networks. I only experience this problem out the front of my house with my home wifi.
I think in the last public beta for OS X that the public got ever second beta? Maybe this will be the same for iOS.    I had a very smooth upgrade of phone and watch from 9.0 beta 3 to beta 4.   The watch is certainly faster on beta 4. But does not display some emails well.   The iPhone 6 seems faster in some instances but not necessarily in Safari (that could be the fault of the website though). I did have trouble getting it to scroll on the Apple Developer site! I...
Rumor has it that you can change your phone region to United States, add a card and change your region back.
Interesting that Apple is not restricting the use of what could be regarded as iCloud competitors. 
I personally think Australia may have the stupidest emergency number in the world. 000 Many offices require you to dial 0 to get a line out. To dial internationally from Australia you dial 0011 before the country code. Try dialing Internatioanlly from home when your fingers thing they are in the office? 0 0011... Of course everything after the 000 is ignored because you're already being connected to emergency services.
Nice. But I'm waiting for Doom.
A camera from Google, what could go wrong?   Aside from that. $100 for 10 days... any way I look at it, I'm seeing that 1 day of video at 1080p 30fps H.264 would be about 1TB per day. So for them to store a rolling 10 days of video, they need to allow 10TB storage.    Considering the storage required, is it still an unfair price?
PIP is handy but I would very much prefer to have video Snap-In at the TOP of a portrait rotation so that I can use Safari or a game in the bottom part of the screen.   I've tried video as Snap-In on my iPad Mini but of course that is on the side of the screen which is not a good ratio for video.  And on every iPad that is Not the iPad Air 2, you can't operate the app that is below the Snap-In anyway.   So I'll take what I'm given and use PIP but because Safari won't...
What I've found on iPad Mini is that after your first move the cursor, selection mode is already turned on. Too bad if you didn't get the cursor in the correct place the first time. I would also much prefer a button that turned selection/highlight mode on and off (akin to holding down Shift on a keyboard). I think ability to have multiple attempts to position the cursor before entering selection mode could be particularly important for customers who use accessibility...
Area 51 is a big place is it not? Are you saying Apple can't do two things at once? Anyway, what I'm saying is, I don't expect the speculation to end. If they, are making a car, they sure better be working on autonomous driving or they'll be way behind on features when the car is finished.
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