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Which bit? This article looks accurate. Initially only team members could test the iOS 9 apps. Now anyone can.
 Hi SolipsismY, the very last paragraph of this article relates to a firmware worm that is unrelated to the permissions escalation problem in the rest of this article. You might find you get more help by clicking into the Thunderstrike 2 article and asking there. 
Hey, just by walking around I'm providing ISIS the opportunity to kill someone. Should I be held liable for that?   This is getting ridiculous. 
Really? I think you can only answer phone calls on your Mac. Not an iPad or iPod.
I need a 4" iPhone again and will go back to the 5S if they don't release one this year. Will be able to use Apple Pay with my Watch with the 5S (just won't be able to Apple Pay on websites but I've not seen that feature in Australia yet so that won't be a problem).   They already have the outer casing sorted now that they have a 4" iPod. Just need to cut a hole for the sim card. ;)   They know that only 27-29% of iPhone owners have upgraded to the 6/6+ so they have to...
Mike1, you can 'forget' those wifi networks that are getting in your way. And tell your phone not to offer you new networks. I only experience this problem out the front of my house with my home wifi.
I think in the last public beta for OS X that the public got ever second beta? Maybe this will be the same for iOS.    I had a very smooth upgrade of phone and watch from 9.0 beta 3 to beta 4.   The watch is certainly faster on beta 4. But does not display some emails well.   The iPhone 6 seems faster in some instances but not necessarily in Safari (that could be the fault of the website though). I did have trouble getting it to scroll on the Apple Developer site! I...
Rumor has it that you can change your phone region to United States, add a card and change your region back.
Interesting that Apple is not restricting the use of what could be regarded as iCloud competitors. 
I personally think Australia may have the stupidest emergency number in the world. 000 Many offices require you to dial 0 to get a line out. To dial internationally from Australia you dial 0011 before the country code. Try dialing Internatioanlly from home when your fingers thing they are in the office? 0 0011... Of course everything after the 000 is ignored because you're already being connected to emergency services.
New Posts  All Forums: