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If this is Apple's most personal product ever, don't expect to personally like every ad you see for it.
This in the quarter where people ordered new iPhones and many waited weeks for them? 3rd rank would be a great result but what about this statement:   "All Apple orders tracked by StellaService were shipped within one business day."   So surely iPhones were not included in the orders they tracked.
Plenty of sun here in Australia if you want to build something down here Apple. :)
The article never suggested all these extra icons where for the minimalists. Only the last sentence is for the minimalists.
Well it might be about time that they allow developers to release patches then. I do have unlimited broadband at home but downloading 2GB each time there is a few changes to Infinity Blade 3 is wearing a bit thin. :/
Exactly. What would they do about stolen watches? Require it to be on a wrist? How will they know it's your wrist? And can you shut of their payment remotely via Find my Swatch? My understanding is that the Apple Watch will need to be authenticated each time it's put on a wrist, ideally though the iPhone although it seems a 4 digit pin might be an option.
When Music Unlimited started it was called 'qriocity'. (I had to look that up and I had to copy and paste it because can't pronounce it which means I sure as heck can't spell it which means there's no way I can type it into a web browser and use the service.)   Shouldn't marketing 101 be something like, make sure people can pronounce and spell your product name?
 For sure. But I'm sure they'll still be thanking him for his service.
Most companies no longer give gold watches at retirement but maybe this guy will get one.
The first review made it very clear that this app was NOT the first of it's kind.
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