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6 February 1840. But that does not mean that New Zealand is not 'Down Under'.And, I don't see anything here to suggest that Apple doesn't consider New Zealand to be 'Down Under'.There are users down under that can use iTunes Radio, those users just happen to also be in Australia.
Ah... I see.Next time I post I will be awake.
[quote name="justp1ayin" any else get that déjà vu feeling while reading?[/quote] No? This is the first time Apple has announced launching iTunes Radio in Aus.
Grey area? Apple trying to decide if they can get in trouble for currency transactions done through their devices?
You say, 'no recourse'... Can Bitcoin traders not use Safari?
Tribalogical, since you're interested in the data usage of an App that is already in use on your phone; go to Settings > Cellular and scroll down to the list of Apps showing how much data they have used. If you don't want to reset the counters just note down the current usage and go back in a few days to see what has significantly increased.
Um... You just answered with why it shouldn't bother taking Wi-Fi into account.
What are you asking? Are you asking? (I don't see a question mark.)
I was going to say this:  Samsung already admited the stole Apple's property in the opening statements of the case. If the patent is invalid they would have been ok to come up with the idea themselves however, they have already admitted they stole it!   But... I went and checked the original article - "Samsung: no disputing we sold Apple's property and owe a 'huge sum of money'"  By Daniel Eran Dilger  - and I find that the article's heading is misleading. What the...
I can't help you with the logging out. That's dumb oversight on their part. But your cell number does not get shown to people on Facebook. If they know your number already they can use it to find you but Facebook says that your number is not displayed on Facebook.
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