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Maybe, but I think what I said answers the 'mystery'.
tldr People don't upgrade iPads as often as they upgrade iPhones.
Thought you guys said 9.1 was for iPad Pro support.
Yeah but I was out by $2 a month. Have edited my post.
This could be declared. 6.5 Million paying customers X $30 for a Quarter = $195M. That seems like a fine start to me. How long has Pandora been in the streaming business? They have $311M revenue. Apple will catch up. My bad memory made me think it was $10 a month, $30 a quarter. So it's actually about $36 a quarter. I haven't allowed for family passes. But at best that's $234M revenue per quarter.
From what I recall, they way they were doing the accounting at the time, they found they were not allowed to give the Wireless-N change for free. Also, no matter which country they sold into, they still have to abide by U.S. accounting rules. I think they have changed their accounting now so they can roll out free features to hardware the have already sold. I think this also affected a very early iOS upgrade where iPod owners had to pay extra? (I know it wasn't called iOS...
Good work Microsoft! The competition is strong with these two.
Hmm... I'm not so sure that line was in the article when I first read it.
Me too gordon1420, repeats of lots of apps. I'll wait a few days and see if it continues.
That's great Lamanuwa! Apple actually gave themselves and extra week between pre-order and release this year so that could turn out well for a lot of rural customers. :)   I'm working in central Sydney and the courier used to turn up at 7:30am (I might have been first in the world to get some past devices before shops opened). Now the courier comes in the afternoon. So you're getting your's before some of the city dwellers. How's that for a change? :)
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