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Really? With Dropbox I just have to, you know, drop stuff. How is that not handy? Or maybe I should ask how can iCloud Drive be more handy than that?
It's not for you. It's for me; I haven't played it yet.
 Simple but effective. That solution is brilliant and I hope it's the way Apple goes. I agree that making it tuned to each users individual voice would be overly complicated. Being able to set your own activation phrase would also get around this problem I've been having. Siri, in the car is listening in on my audiobooks and 50% of the time she responds when one particular narrator says, 'I say.'   - Strange but true (and a bit annoying).
Benjamin, you haven't checked your facts;   I said iOS 8 and I gave examples of two situations where many users would have their phone plugged in to power.     Granted, in the car situation I didn't explicitly state that the car driver would have their phone plugged in but those who know of the feature can draw that conclusion.    iOS 8 : Settings > General > Siri > Voice Activation: 'You can speak to Siri without pressing the home button by saying, "Hey Siri" when...
Using code seems like a lot of trouble to make the phone dial...     After iOS 8 has wide release I could just put out a radio advert during rush hour/drive time that says,   'Hey Siri, dial 1900 xxx-xxx.'     Could probably throw in... 'Ok Google, dial 1900 xxx-xxx' for good measure.   That or maybe a late night TV ad for those who leave their phone charging in the living room and fall asleep with the TV running.   Ok, so I wouldn't do that.  But how cheeky will...
My iPhone wall charger has been known to get very warm and I'd be reluctant to reduce its heat dissipation by having a battery wrapped around it.
Thank you charlituna.
So I see they first did this with the iPhone 5. Did they at any point start replacing iPhone 4 and 4S screens in-store?
Maybe Apple only purchased Beats to distract us from all the other acquisitions. -jks
Um, no. Because what you suggest would enable people to 'take out' a competitors app by posting fake reviews on it!!
New Posts  All Forums: