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has anybody heard the 20th anniv. mac startup sound? i'm pretty sure it's the only one of its kind. it's kind of cheap sounding though
I placed an order yesterday through Fry's Outpost.com for a 17" iMac after speaking to the rep. who said they were supposed to receive a huge shipment of them yesterday after having received another shipment the week before... i'm wondering if any of you have received your 17" iMac from outpost.com yet? I need mine before the end of the week and I called back and they said they still haven't received the shipment they were supposed to get yesterday!¡!¡
[quote]Originally posted by [kevin]: Checked my order status...my iPod is on its way! Just thought you all might like to know that. Still no 17" iMac though...
I got mine today too! It really is a marvel... haven't got my iMac yet either so all I really have is a handheld breakout gameboy. I was amazed at how tiny the remote is! The cool thing about it though is that it is stainless steel just like the back of the iPod... the case is...
My 17"iMac would have shipped today had it not been for the fact that my check card only allows $700 in daily purchases and therefore Apple could not get a confirmation from them!!! grrrrrrrrr so I'm having to buy a new one and pay by check... anyone know of the best place to buy in terms of most current availability? I live in Las Vegas and have called up every Mac store in town (1) and they won't have them til the end of the month.. but I need it sooner cause i'm leaving...
I ordered about 2 weeks ago from the online store an Epson printer, iMac, and iPod from the Apple store, well the printer has been shipped to me and $99 was charged on my debit card, and I just received notice of my 10 Gig iPod shipping, however, only $49.95 was charged by Apple the day that I received my shipment notification! Could this be all the good karma coming back tome? Or is Apple going to charge me for the rest of it later??
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