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 Indeed. I know someone who bought an iPhone 4 two months ago. A 4! I told them they should have gotten the 4S. Their response? "This does what I need, and it was free." I do wish they had paid the $99 or waited two months and gotten the 4S for free, because I think they would have liked Siri, but it shows that there are people who are satisfied with less than the latest-and-greatest. Me, I'll be getting the 5S. Looking forward to it!
Perhaps the best, most detailed explanation of the problems that I've seen:   The Gathering Storm: Our Travails with iCloud Sync
Funny thing is, I was thinking the same thing as kimgh--are they going to write on my screen, or what?!  Not to worry, neither the TSO nor the gate agent seemed to want to even touch my iPhone, instead motioning for me to hold it over the scanner myself.   Unfortunately, not all airports are yet equipped for electronic boarding passes. There's a (possibly incomplete) list of those that are so equipped on the TSA website.
  There's a scanner at the TSA checkpoint similar to the ones at the gate. You hold your phone (showing the mobile boarding pass) over the scanner, and the scanner verifies the pass and displays your name for the TSO. I did it this past weekend in Denver and Chicago with United's mobile app; Passbook will operate the same way.
  Some of us have more than one credit card and may use a different card depending on the merchant. Also, some credit cards give more cash/points/miles back on certain categories of purchases; this is based on the merchant type, which would likely be masked with iTunes as an intermediary.   Merchants have a credit card processing agreement with a bank. This probably wouldn't include iTunes as a method of payment, at least at first.   But sure, Passbook would be the...
  You could set up a custom RSS feed to filter out the topics you don't want to see. For an example, see The Verge, Ltd. Pipe.
Not reliably, but they certainly do. Sometimes I listen to podcasts with my iPhone in my pocket, and I've had it annoyingly skip to the next episode when I'm walking. I've learned to make sure the screen is either turned off or turned away from my body.
Ah, that explains why the iPod shuffle and classic [should that be "iPods shuffle and classic"?] are the same way.No kidding. Wow.
Also agree. Interestingly, clicking on 'MacBook Pro' or 'Mac Pro' still takes you directly to the product selection screen.
New Posts  All Forums: