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 I agree 100% I was one of those 128K Mac buyers that quickly cut a trace or two and solder in a component or two to take advantage of the ability it had builtin to support 512K. I also installed a third party 68020 upgrade and third party sockets so I could upgrade to 2GB ram in my Plus. Wouldn't have thought of that after the SE and II came out. Not to take away from the main point of your comment but I was surprised by only a single port -- and its not MagSafe!
Damn! I even looked it up on the internet but screwed the pouch typing it. Fixed it. Thanx.
Really? The spirit of the rules? In the famous words of the late Emily Litilla (Gilda Radner):  "Never mind".
 I think you (and a lot of people) have assumed that "…two years without issue and now that Apple is coming out with the Apple Watch it's suddenly an issue…". It may indeed be the issue, it may not. I have seen nothing but inuindo for the Watch being the problem. Either way it is Apple's storefront and the developers are bound by the rules. They supposedly read before they signed and acquiescence by does not negate an agreement that was and is legal. Apple has the right...
ROFL!"…might [w]ant to look…". Glass house and stones and such  !
Me thinks you are not very informed as to developing Watch apps. The App's heavy lifting is done on the iPhone -- if you have an iPhone app then you can extend it to do stuff while interacting with the watch. This means that the vast majority of those apps already existed as Apps and available as AppStore purchasable (or are now). If in fact it was a case where there were 3000 standalone apps I would have my doubts also, but it is not. The only one Jacking here is you and...
 How can you claim it is bogus when it is the rules (as mentioned in the article). If they don't like it then sure, appeal, but don't call something bogus cause you decide now that they are enforcing it is bogus.
 True enough -- but I thought it was funny that you chose the example that seemed to be so obviously common sense. Not trying to dis you -- I was shocked when I first encountered this with my VW (also pissed) but now laugh. I meant no offense and do agree with your final stmt. Have a good day,Cheers.
 You laugh but I know for a fact that Volkswagen and Volvo both sold there cars and Ford sold their trucks with the tires and wheels as an option (at least previous to now*). I have owned more than one of each and in each case the tires & wheels were added as an option. These were not any kind of fancy upgrade, they simply were not included in the sales price. I remember asking with my convertible Rabbit if I could take delivery without VW tires/wheels and the answer was...
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