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He always knew how to knock out some good stuff on the guit-fiddle - problem was in his day it was much more difficult to get your music played anywhere (not that it is not still quite a feat today) without having some kinda freak show shit going on e.g., Lou Reed, Squeeze, Tubes, Bowie, Alice Cooper (earlier), AC/DC. The tiny pimp act worked great for him -- he was one of those artist like Marilyn Monroe,Tina Turner, etc... that became a hit in the gay community and...
Excuse me but the context at the time implied it was from an iPhone not some other brand. I think you would do well to qualify the equipment  next time (don't mean to come across like a jerk - just a suggestion).
Not necessarily the case. If it is a requirement for electrical connection be made then we have a problem NASA. If it is something else like a non-visible optical sensor then many cases could work with that as well as RF emitter/antenna e.g., the iPhone 6 series went from the phones sides being multiple antennae to no discrete side pieces so they put stripes across the back that I'm sure many think were for aesthetics but are actually plastic embedded antennae. 
 Way back in the "olden days" (as my daughter would say) of the eighties I used the venerable old X10 system to do some "home automation". I had a device sold by them that allowed you to write control routines for different zones/rooms. It was not fancy and it certainly didn't use iPhone, etc  but it did quite a bit. The 'server' (more a controller) had static memory that maintained the routines you wrote for it -- you initially wrote using a Mac program (or a PC) and...
"...and has generated $30 billion for developers...."   Ah, Apple keeps 30% and developers get 70%. Although there are industries and companies that work that way Apple does not rape the developers like that.
No kidding -- I would rather not be in either fight but since standing up for our rights and freedoms (here in the US anyway) is what this country is all about. A relatively small group of people got together in the early 1770's to hash this out -- the govt (at the time UK since the US was colonies) was ruthless at stamping out any freedoms sought by the rebels including killing, plundering, looting, etc... for even talking about such things. They became much less tolerant...
 So what happens if you have both a King and a Queen?   
So am I to understand that the phrase used in the UK currently is the Queen's English? Would make sense as there has not been a sitting king in the UK in my lifetime. I was referring to the phrase used as the title of a book and historically (in some literature) but english is a dynamic, changing language.
I guessed that (I actually thought of digitalclips myself) -- apparently my sarcasm didn't come thru (since I blew and didn't type the '¡' @ the end like I pictured it in my brain. The 'Kings English' is a link to a description of a work of the same name that has been superseded by 'Modern English Usage'. Apologies if I offended anyone. (How's that for dated phrasing?  ). Really didn't intend to offend, I was just poking fun at someones usage of the language. 
 I noticed a couple of differences. The first is that because one picture was apparently taken closer the black band photo makes the watch look huge! The other difference that stood out to me is that your arm in the first photo looks decidedly hairier then with the black band -- my guess is that this is not an illusion due to lighting but a possible waxing, shaving, etc. shortly after the visit to the Apple Store¡ I do agree that the black band does look much better....
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