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In iOS 9 you go to the wallpaper settings sheet and Apple has provide several samples (the Betta fish as shown on the packaging) as well as some dynamic ones from before. I am not sure what the file format is (for the animated) but it should be trivial to look in the pkg and see (or in Xcode docs).
as opposed to a "quite nice" vulnerability? ¡
I dare say it could have been demonstrated in a different way i.e., without giving out the massive amount of classified data he did. "We wouldn't even know about the extent of their illegal activity if it weren't for Snowden" [and all his illegal activity]. Fixed it for you.
 I strong;y disagree -- I suspect that Edward Snowden was at some point convinced (maybe still is) that dumping all the intelligence data he had for the world (ALL) to see made the world a safer place. I just don't buy that something that is supposed to be so secure can be walked off with, in front of combined US military intelligence (oxymoron) and other so-called intelligence agencies with the US. It has been proven many times the all it takes is one weak link.
How about the nonstandard size icon that buried in the ROM that displayed "Stolen from Apple", or the simple slide show of the team that worked on the Iici I think when the first Macs arrived that used the 256 ROMs -- there was so much extra space in those ROMs the engr's new they had to due something with it. There was also a crashing car sound that gotten more than a few complaints (was loud and quite convincing) -- you could hear it play by typing g addr in Macsbug to...
 People (in the west) want the freedom to jump in a car an go. There has not been enough sh*t rain down upon them  I gotta say that my immediate thought goes to JohnnyCab in Total Recall (1990). Poor Quaid had his share of problems with JohnnyCar, but who knows what traffic will be like on Mars? They will get to plan ahead for these things and add magnetic markers in roadways (or something superior). Everything is cool, until, well -- its not! I do like the idea of...
 @EricTheHalfBee I agree. I did not see your post before my own.
Didn't anyone stop to think that there is still a valid reason for a grill (nee, an opening in front)? Large batteries need to be cooled as do motors. Is the possibility of a hybrid out of the question (either the gas powered generator or gas driven powertrain that can supplement the electrics)? There is also a need for a HVAC system which generally uses fresh filtered air passed thru a heat exchanger to get hot or cold air -- I know I don't want to have to rely on 4/80...
 This has been done and used in one of the toughest environments around for years-- the International Space Station. It gets all water from air, sweat, human waste, anything that has a byproduct generating or causing condensate H2O, etc... At 8.3 lbs/gal (1.0 atm, room temp, etc...) it would be the most expensive consumable shipped to the ISS -- unless of course they found a way to ship dehydrated. ¡ 
 I think the much more intriging Charging devices (typically) iPhone with Apple connectors with a sidebar describing flammable versus non-flammable. ¡
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